Lessons in pushing myself too hard



Have you ever found yourself just completely throwing yourself into something you’re passionate about while juggling responsibilities in life only to find yourself completely drained? Yeah… those of you who’ve been joining me in this blogging journey can probably tell that when I find something I love to do or am passionate about, I tend to drive every part of who I am into it. That’s exactly what I did this winter break! I got right to work as soon as I pulled my butt out of the sluggish mode that I was in and began working on the ministry project that I have been trying to complete for quite some time now. Along with that came a promotion at work, car issues, financial issues and the mental battles with gaining weight. By the time Sunday (today) came… I was done! It took most of my strength to suck it up and get to service today, however… I found that when I just get to church and get some good fellowship I often feel a lot better! While I totally felt uncomfortable in my own skin being that I’ve gained some lbs and haven’t really been able to work out to get some time and muscle with it… I was encouraged by my brothers and sisters which is what the body of Christ is! I found that when I’m going through something and I have time with my church family, Ill find great lessons and blessings come my way such as:
1.) there are often times when I’ll come across another brother or sister in the Lord that needs some encouragement or prayer. Focusing on someone else’s needs usually takes me out of the mental cage that my personal trials tend to place me in.
2.) praise and worship usually helps life my spirit! Singing to the Lord is something I’ve done since I was a child. It’s in my darkest times that I’ve found ushering His presence in with worship gives my soul more comport than anything else I can do.
3.) someone will usually come across my path that has a word of wisdom or encouragement for me. While I love to encourage and exhort others, sometimes the encourager needs to be encouraged
4.) I’ve often found that the Sunday message contains some serious soul food that I need to gnaw on.
5.) while I’m a bit of an introvert, being around church family can be really refreshing especially after a week of working on my business/ ministry alone, dealing with stresses at home, dealing with guests in the retail setting (at work), and pushing through studies (when in school mode).
Now, here I go again… into another semester already feeling drained of every resource while feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin, however… faith is not about knowing exactly how things will work out. Faith is taking steps that you feel God has called you to take, despite the odds you face and trusting that God will provide your every need along the way! That being said… no recipe today, just a note… what ever goal or dream you have and are pursuing… don’t let it rob you of moments with the people who matter! I’ve been blessed during this break to spend a lot of time with me nephew who (even though he’s going through a toddler phase) has become the little apple of my eye! Watching him grow is probably one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever been given! Until I blog again! God bless and thank you to all of you who have joined me in this journey!