Depression and hopelessness: Trying to rise above!


Hello all! I realized in the time that I’ve been away from my blog that the last post I made it actually connects right back to the point in which I started re-telling my life journey. That being said…. there’s really no point in my continuing to write my story. I recently did a podcast with my dear friend Emily discussing The battles that I have faced throughout my life involving suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, PTSD, and depression. In this podcast, I cover most of my life’s journey. If you’re someone who battles with any of these topics, I encourage you to listen! Also, if you know someone that battles with these sorts of thoughts, I pray that my story will help you find ways of reaching out to the hurting. Do keep in mind that the details of my journey are not for little ears and not for anyone who could be potentially triggered to go further down a dark path.

Finally, remember that in Christ alone is where we I find my true identity! It’s through that connection with him that I have been able to persevere and find hope even in times it seem hopeless! Thank you to everyone who has been following me along for this journey and I’m sorry to say but this will be my final blog post! God bless and may the Lord be with you!

Dealing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: Beauty in Christ podcast