Physio, English, Drama and Beyond!



So here it is the beginning of a new semester and of course a whole new all the stressors! Issues with health (back and legs along with testing for cancer and autimmune difficiencies), trying to push through the chaos of getting my books and figuring out how to get my homework done through leaping over the book hurtles, financial strggles, doc appointments, work,… Yes… Another pressure cooker! However, I’m learning that trusting God is at the utmost importance! In this season, I’ve taken a survey of the past few years of my attending college and realized how many times, despite the madness that has engulf my life, that God has shown through at just the right time. He ALWAYS makes a way for me to eat, get school work done, and get to where I need to be when I need to be there!
As for my schooling… For the first time in a long time I’m genuinely looking forward to tackling my courses! Physiology, English, Acting 2… Yup… This makes for an amazing semester! I’m notorious for staying away from unless I give a review. Why? Well, I’ve learned that looking over someone else’s opinion of another professor can often give preconcieved ideas about them without truly looking at the fact that in essence… They could very well change their approach to teaching from semester to semester. Also, it takes the joy out of trusting that God will help me get the schedule that best suits me. So, what do I do? I pray that God will guide my school work and course selections and He hasn’t failed me thus far!
Meanwhile, in the midst of the chaos… Victories have come. I’m getting closer to a healthy weight which has been a major mental challenge and have been actually feeling closer to God than I have in a long long time. I was also given the opportunity to share my story at a recovery meeting at my church and… Through that, the Lord helped me totally see myself and my loved ones through a whole new set of eyes! As for food… Weeeeelll a wonderful new friend of mine (check out her blog totally blessed me and sent 2 jars of georgia grinders flavored almond butter! I smell some baking coming up!


That being said… No recipe today, just some encoureagement… Know that whatever you’re facing… Know that God is with you. Trust Him, even in the little details and know that He always brings blessings in the midst of the storm! Also, make sure you check out Georgia Grinders nut butters AND imperfect produce (a friend of mine BLESSED my family to a weekly subscription). Imperfect produce takes the fruits and veggies that don’t look like the average store bought ones (yet are perfectly edible) and delivers them to your front door! Not only that, but if you post an IG picture of the funkiest fruit in your delivery that week and tag them… They hook up a family in need with fruits and veggies. Such imperfect perfection if you ask me!
Y’all have an amazing and blessed week… Month… However long until my next post! God bless!


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