Physio, English, Drama and Beyond!



So here it is the beginning of a new semester and of course a whole new all the stressors! Issues with health (back and legs along with testing for cancer and autimmune difficiencies), trying to push through the chaos of getting my books and figuring out how to get my homework done through leaping over the book hurtles, financial strggles, doc appointments, work,… Yes… Another pressure cooker! However, I’m learning that trusting God is at the utmost importance! In this season, I’ve taken a survey of the past few years of my attending college and realized how many times, despite the madness that has engulf my life, that God has shown through at just the right time. He ALWAYS makes a way for me to eat, get school work done, and get to where I need to be when I need to be there!
As for my schooling… For the first time in a long time I’m genuinely looking forward to tackling my courses! Physiology, English, Acting 2… Yup… This makes for an amazing semester! I’m notorious for staying away from unless I give a review. Why? Well, I’ve learned that looking over someone else’s opinion of another professor can often give preconcieved ideas about them without truly looking at the fact that in essence… They could very well change their approach to teaching from semester to semester. Also, it takes the joy out of trusting that God will help me get the schedule that best suits me. So, what do I do? I pray that God will guide my school work and course selections and He hasn’t failed me thus far!
Meanwhile, in the midst of the chaos… Victories have come. I’m getting closer to a healthy weight which has been a major mental challenge and have been actually feeling closer to God than I have in a long long time. I was also given the opportunity to share my story at a recovery meeting at my church and… Through that, the Lord helped me totally see myself and my loved ones through a whole new set of eyes! As for food… Weeeeelll a wonderful new friend of mine (check out her blog totally blessed me and sent 2 jars of georgia grinders flavored almond butter! I smell some baking coming up!


That being said… No recipe today, just some encoureagement… Know that whatever you’re facing… Know that God is with you. Trust Him, even in the little details and know that He always brings blessings in the midst of the storm! Also, make sure you check out Georgia Grinders nut butters AND imperfect produce (a friend of mine BLESSED my family to a weekly subscription). Imperfect produce takes the fruits and veggies that don’t look like the average store bought ones (yet are perfectly edible) and delivers them to your front door! Not only that, but if you post an IG picture of the funkiest fruit in your delivery that week and tag them… They hook up a family in need with fruits and veggies. Such imperfect perfection if you ask me!
Y’all have an amazing and blessed week… Month… However long until my next post! God bless!

If the Shoe Fits… Wear it! New Semester and…new challenges!


Two weeks of a break and… Time to head back to the learning cave! Haha! I’d like to say that my break was fullnof adventures and fun that I had all metally planned out, however… It was honestly full of going to various appointments to try to help find out what’s going on with my body… From blood testing to see if there’s cancer or an autoimmune disease to mesage therapy and chiropractic appointments only to land (the day before classes start) with both hamstrings aching! Ughhh! All I did was walk up a short hill in front if my house to my front door! However, I’m choosing to praise God anyway! Even though every ammount of strength seems to have been zapped from me in this battle with my health… I just know that somehow, this temporary prison that I’ve been in with my health will eventually fade and I’ll be set free. In the mean time…. I choose to press on. Despite the pain, despite the challenges… GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!
On an up note… Despite the fact that I wanted to go to my hometown to see a show that I was offered tickets to and I ended up spending most of my break either running to appoinments, working, or in bed trying to heal… The Lord blessed me with opportunities to have a little fun 🙂 in the area! I got to spend a day with God mamma getting some things prepared to get a certain ministry started and eating lunch. Then, this passed Sunday eve, the Reverand Donnie Moore came and spoke at our church and brought Marcus Semien (from the Oakland A’s) and his wife to share his testimony! The night was full of frying pann rolling, baseball bat breaking, word of God teaching, testimony shareing fun! What an amazing time of refreshment before I head into classes! On top of it… I was given clear direction for the ministry that I want to partner with to get things started (no, it’s not Donnie Moore)… It’s an organization that I’ll give name to when things unfold a little more! In the mean time… I’ll just say… If the shoe fits… Wear it!


So, here goes… I’m heading into the next semester… Uncertainties still lingering, pains in my body that have still not been healed… Opting out of any and all fitness classes in an attempt to regain my health (kenesiology major yeah…) and trusting that if God wants me to work out, He’ll provide the therapy to help me get back on course. Until then… It is what it is. Besides… My Body is His temple. For me to force myself to do something that could hurt it… That’s disrespectiful to the God who created me! Here’s to a new semester and… Here’s a recipe for almond butter overnight oats!



-1 empty almond butter jar with scrappings left inside
-1/2 cup rolled oats
-1/2- 3/4 cup almond milk (or milk of your choosing)
-1 apple chopped
-1/2 of one frozen banana sliced into coins
-1 tbs honey (or sweetener of your choosing)


Place oats, milk, apple, and honey int the jar. Place jar in the fridge overnight and in the a.m…. Top with frozen banana coins and enjoy!

Ya’ll have a blessed week… Until my next post (whenever that might be) may God fill you with joy no matter what season you find yourself in!

Freedom in the midst of trials!


Hey long time no blog , so I decided I should check in. I hope you all had a wonderful summer! Mine has had its ups and downs like a major rollercoaster! Finished Library studies, swimming, and yoga… And…  Had some plans to do a rather brilliant house sit, buuuuttt I had to cancel due to pain issues. You see, somehow… The muscles in my feet have had issues which have lead to tention and pain in my claves and hamstrings. The money that had been raised so far for the gofundme that my friend Becca set up has been helping me get chiropracric, acupuncture, podiatry, and massage therapy… I get advancements… Then a major set back leaves me hobbleing. Feels like I’m chasing shadows running from practitioner to practitioner just trying to get some relief. On top of it , in an effort to find out if it was nutritional my Dr did some blood tests and found out that I have a low white blood cell count along with a low blood clotting Factor. We’ve continued testing for about 2 weeks now and are uncertain as to what exactly it could be. While there are possibilities and I don’t want to name them at this time, I’m still waiting on the results. However…. In the midst of it… A MAJOR blessing was dropped in my lap! My friend Gabby works for a couple who has several cars. She told her employer about my situation, and as it turned out they had an extra car that they haven’t used in years! Gabby give me a call after service one Sunday saying that she needed to show me something and asked if it would be alright if she stop by and see me. When she came by that evening she and her husband brought over a car for me! A free car!!! Finally freedom! To go when I need to where I need to! I was so overjoyed! Ahhhhh! I still can’t get over it!

As for eating and weight issues… in all honesty I have trouble knowing what a real meal looks like. I don’t know if it has to do with the trauma I have endured over my lifetime, however when I sit dcan’tor a meal it seems like there’s chaos in my mind. I used to make such beautiful dishes… Now… Just a whole lotta mess! While I’ve gained weight… It’s not due to balanced meals. In the midst of it I continue to press on and try to break free from it.

Finally in the midst of everything , family drama hit once again… To spare you the details… I’ll just say… Count it all joy! With so much hanging in the balance… My world seems to be in utter chaos… Trying so hard to trust that God will help me make it through this coming semester starting in just a few weeks… Until then…. I’ll keep praising God for the prayers that have been answered and praise Him regardless of the pain I’m in. In closing I’ll say… Whatever your facing… God is right there with you! Don’t give up! Don’t give in! No recipe this time, however… I’ll share some reviews on a few products that helped me step out of my food phobia zones!

1. RXBars
Ughhhh! So, Trader Joes started carrying these jems and I’M HOOKED! My favorite is definitely the. Coconut chocolate (perfect partner for am coffee)! Blueberry takes a close second. However… Those are the only 2 flavors I’ve been able to get my paws on.


2. Justin’s Nut butters!
I tried their maple almond, vanilla almond, hazelnut chocolate and… Hazelnut chocolate and vanilla almond tied for the taste test win!


3. Gomacro bars. So, I only tried one being that it’s the only one I could find that was allergen friendly for me and…. It was amazing! Sweet… Not too sweet and very satisfying. I could totally partner it with a salted carmel oikos!


So, how were these phobias? Well… All products contain fats (healthy fats) and Justins contains organic sugar. Being that I haven’t really been able to get a real workout in a while… Eating these was a HUGE step for me! Honestly, both are must haves in my backpack and glove compartment for between class snacking!
Weeelllll…. I hope y’all have tried or at least get to try these amazing treats! Have a wonderful summer (at least what’s left of it)… Until next post… ❤❤❤