His power in my weakness…



Hey I’m back again and it’s the middle of my summer semester! Man, it never ceases to amaze me how the power of God works in our weaknesses! Truly every semester has been a test and putting my faith in a power that is so much greater than myself. At the beginning of the semester, my body actually felt halfway decent. It seems that the sciatic issues that had me gimping semi cleared up and I was able to begin my schedule of yoga swim and Library studies. Then, random issues began to flare up. Thus leaving me paying out of pocket 4 Chiropractic , massage therapy , and acupuncture. This only left me getting to begin treatment but not finish it due to financial issues. Between classes working more hours during the week and picking up a house sit… Suddenly my hamstrings started acting up. Constant battle with my body took its toll on me emotionally and I began to get exhausted and fall into self pity. However, who am I to question God 4 what he’s allowed in my life? Is he not greater than anything that could go wrong? I began to cry out to him and ask him “why?” And in the midst of it he reminded me of the many times he’s delivered me from trials. Then , A friend of mine who’s seen my journey firsthand. Someone who’s witnessed a lot of the pain that I’ve dealt with set up a go fund me to help raise the money for me to receive the treatment I need! The results were amazing! Within just a few short days a substantial amount of money was raised by people I barely even know! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude… I started weaping as I told the news to my mom! Jesus truly heard my Cry! So Lord willing I will be able to make it through the rest of the semester and maybe even someday be able to run again! In the meantime I’ll be prayerfully taking every step through each class praying that yoga will help rebalance everything and that somehow my legs will stop cramping in the pool and… (Lord willing) launch the release of a new project….. So… Here goes! Time to pray on and press on! Today, I’ll close with a recipe for summer coleslaw and the gofundme link.


*Delicious summer coleslaw*
-1 diced fuji apple
-6 dried figs (chopped)
-2 tbs roasted flaxseed -1/3 cup chopped walnuts
-1 @chobani simply 100 vanilla flavor
Directions: mix dry ingredients then mix yogurt and lemon juice and add to dry ingredients making sure all ingredients are thoroughly coated. Place in fridge for 1 hr (over night is better) and serve!


Have an amazing Summer!