Adventures in Wonderful World of Drama 125, Pilates ,swim , precalculus , Anatomy with cadavers and PB&J.


Here it is the end of another semester! As my heading said…it was full of Adventures and the wonderful world of Drama 125, Pilates swim pre calculus and Anatomy with cadavers and PB&J! Wait! Did I just say cadavers and peanut butter and jelly? Yep! An odd combination, however that’s how Anatomy Labs went! All through the semester, my amazing professor served penut butter and jelly during lab AND had us study cadavers… Think about it… Wakes… Funerals…. Death seems to be comforted by food.
Now in my last post I told you all about some challenges I’ve faced with the trouble of one, our car breaking down, my grandmother’s passing, the details behind her passing, and yet another financial situation. As the semester went on from there , the stress increased. With the weight of classes , Financial struggles, troubles with my mom’s new car (yes I drive.. Details regarding my car situation are in long past posts) random issues flaring up in my body , the semester was truly one for my personal record books! By the time last Friday rolled around , I was preparing for my pre Calculus, anatomy, and Drama 125 exams and dealing with heart pains. This turned into a trip to the ER. Of course never a dull moment in my world. There I got on the scale and the reality set in… 96 lbs in the middle of the day! I had a pair of sweats on over a pair of athletic pants, PLUS my shoes and had just eaten…. Ummm yeah of course my heart was hurting! A chat with a doctor pulled the elephant out of the room for display! Apparently with all the running around I’ve been doing I wasn’t 100% making sure I was nourish myself. While I was trying to eat healthy the conclusion the doctor and I both came to is that I was either not getting enough calories in or I need to get my thyroid checked! So, I’ve decided to check both sides of the spectrum. However, there’s always a blessing in the storm. A dear friend of mine that I used to work for came out and asked how I was doing and offered to help. Mom and I had no idea what we’re going to do as far as getting clean clothes done or getting food for the next couple weeks, so like an angel he dropped by with some support! Thankfully, we were able to pay our bills and get food and laundry taken care of. I was then able to go into finals fueled and clean! I went into my precalc examn confident and ready and… Came out witht he same confindence. Then, went on to finish my Drama 125, Pilates and Anatomy examns over the next couple of days. When I finished my Anatomy exam, I looked back over the semester and all the fears I faced and the strange yet understandable combination of viewing dead people along with lunch being served (I took my own sprouted grain with almond butter), precalculus (I have severe math anxiety), and many more. By the end of my pilates exam… I was exausted and ready for break! However, was not looking forward to the possibility of being stuck in my apartment for another achool break. Thankfully, the day after classes ended, I recieved a call from my cousins ssying they wanted to meet up with me and help me get out to my grandmother’s memorial. Apparently, the family member that has a restraining order on them has moved back to Hawaii, so… I was safe to go! On the way up there, mom’s car started overheating… However… We still were able to meet up with them. What a blessing! I got to enjoy 3 days catching up with my beautiful family, celebrating the life of my grandmother, PLUS I got to kick off my birthday week by being treated to a tour of San Francisco! Every moment was bliss!  The freedom I craved for sooo long was finally mine. Yet this was only for a moment. When they dropped me back off at home… I was back to facing reality… Mom’s car needing work, struggling with finances again… And this morning… I went for a walk with my nephew to find …. The injury that put me in bed fall of 2014 and again last summer and has left me prisoner in my apartment time after time decided to flare up again leaving me in bed most of the day… Apparently the combination of stress from finals, sitting for hours at a time in class and running around like a kid yesterday (so worth it) took its toll on my body. Along with that comes the fact that I still don’t have access to the treatment I need… So, yet another giant I face. When it rains it pours right? However, I choose today to focus on the good things once more…

1. I have my family again and am no longer alianated
2. I really got to get to know my Aunty Denise who has such a beautiful soul!
3. I had one of the best days thay I,ve had in a long, long time and got to feel like a kid again!
4. Right now I’m given yet another opportunity to trust God… From prison to praise. I choose to praise in the prison of my current circumstaces.
5. I have time to focus more on my project for ministry. My pain for someone else’s healing… What a blessing!

Today, I’ll close with a recipe for nana ice cream that has made things a little sweeter for me these days! It tastes just like chocolate icecream without a hint of banana!

Chocolate Nana Icecream
(Serves 2)
-2 large, over ripe bananas
-1/4 cup nonfat lacrose free milk
-1tbs hershey cocoa
Slice over ripe bananas into thin slices and place them into a freezer bag and freeze them for 2 hours or over night. Pull them out of the freezer, place into a blender or food processor with the milk and cocoa, blend until smooth and serve! You can also put it in the freezer to eat at a later time if need be.

I pray ya’ll are doing well and have the opportunity to try out this delicious treat!

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