Been a While…


Been a while, so an update if I may… With classes , work, Christmas production at church in the mix… My world seems to be on a constant go cycle. Since my last update, so much has happened I’m not sure what all I should include today, so I’ll keep it at this. This semester has had many trials,  a busy class schedule, work, health issues, financial struggles, going from house sit to house sit, and now… The day before Thanksgiving and… I’m battling a groin strain, mom’s car is acting up, an exam for stats coming and a take home final for bio… I guess you can say I’ve been in quite the pressure cooker! If there’s one thing I’ve learned… It’s the pressure that builds character and allows God to move in ways that only He can. I apologize, however… I need to make this one brief… I’m believing that God is moving. In the meantime, I’m thankful for all He has already done.Y’all have a blessed Thanksgiving! I’ll be sure to have a better post soon! Until then… Just believe!