facing giants


Man oh man its’s been a long time! Well , now I’m back, and I’m happy to say that regardless of the fact that I left off in my last blog in pain once again and facing unknown waters (as far as continuing work and my 6 week summer course that was getting ready to start in just a few days)… Thankfully I made it in those doors, both to work and school! Funny, every student I talked to told me to avoid math classes and English classes over the summer, however no one told me to steer clear of biology course during the summer!

I went into class the first day, was handed the course syllabus, and my jaw hit the floor! Here I was, trying to mentally recover from finals and another hiccup in my health and like little David, facing yet another giant! My first two weeks of class consisted of over 5 chapters to read, 5 labs with reports, an exam for the first three chapters , several quizzes all while trying to shuffle my way around campus, get rides to and from school, home, and work, my computer fell and nearly broke, lept through hurtles just to get my reports pirinted at church and on campus (thank you Hilltop Community) PLUS facing the fact that the professor that I just happened to get is one of the toughest to get an A from! Ughhhhh! Every day was a challenge!


        The remaining four weeks, were filled with cram sessions of chapter reading, field trips, body flair ups, work, 2 house sits more exams, a breif time of having a borrowed car (which got broken into), pt appointments, two house sits, issues at work, troubled loved one with yet another baby on the way, mom got sick, I got sick, my nephew got sick… By the time the final exam rolled around, I was mentally and physically exhausted…. I didn’t even want to try to study… This whole summer semester, I’d literally prayed and praised my way through each hurdle…. At this point, I called out told God, I just was too weak… I couldn’t do it. I needed Him so badly. Sure enough, He strengthened me to get over that last mountain! A few days later, I got an email from my professor… She congratulated me for not just passing the class… But with flying colors! I literally cried when I received her email! I’ll just say, under the circumstances, the one grade that was most difficult to receive, the Lord gave me the strength to rise up and achieve it! 

Today, I leave you with this… Do I understand why I have to face the physical pain along with all the trauma in my day to day life?No. Do I ask God to heal me or make things easier? Yes, there have been many times I’ve cried out for a miraculous healing or provision for the proper circumstances to recover so I can not just be able to stand , sit, walk, and live without having to be constantly aware of how I’m holding myself so I don’t end up in pain… But to finally be able to run and race again… However, at this point, I’ve learned to just praise Him for every day, be thankful for the things that are good in my life and ask Him not to lift the craziness, but to help me navigate through. Whatever giant you’re facing, cry out to God and ask Him to help you slay it… Then wait for Him to tel you how to proceed. He’ll help you do more than just slay that giant! He’ll put it in the dust! I’ll, lord willing have another recipe for y’all soon! Until then… God bless!