Getting real


Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, ect… we tell the world “who we are” and how wonderful our lives are when really, many times it’s just a facade. I recently caught myself getting caught up in that mess! Posting things that gave the world the image that I was pressing through my trials with joy and ease when really… if anyone really knew how stressfull this season has been…. classes, homework, looking for work, doing productions in school and at church all while dealing with hopping from one physical therapist to the next only to have each one say that the previous one overlooked something. Still wondering if I should go back to Dr. Runco, however… my insurance doesn’t cover his work and I can’t be asking him to continue to help me without payment… dealing with the whirlwind of trying to get from place to place without a vehicle along with a recent set of flashbacks due to PTSD (yes those who’ve never been in the military can suffer from this)… life has been trying to say the least. There have honestly been times when I’ve cried out to the Lord to remove this pain and heal me so I can at least get through each day with a little more ease and be able to focus more on my tasks, buuuuttt it seems the answer (for now) is wait. So, what do I do? I pray… constantly throughout the day. There have been times between classes that I’ve found myself in the bathroom praying and praising, doing work with my God family… praying and praising… pressing on when, at times…. I’ve honestly felt like giving up. Another thing I’ve learned to do when I start losing hope and begin to have self pitty issues is… I look back at the victories. I look at how far God has brought me this past year from not going to school to attending college full time. From no job to working part time. From severe PTST to once in a while issues… the Lord has truly been working in the midst of what seems like a shipwreck. While I honestly don’t know if or when I’ll ever run or race again, I choose to stand and believe by faith that through God, all things are possible. Today, I want to close by asking… is there a mask that you hide behind? Be real with God. Be real with you and let the Holy Spirit heal through that step into reality. I’ll close now with a video from a friend of mine who has inspired me to press on through my trials and hopefully he’ll inspire you too! God bless!