Waves of grace through trials



Back again after a long time away! I apologize ya’ll for  the delay in my post. SO much has happened! Last post, I left ya’ll I talked about my new adventures at school, the “All in the Timing” performance I was getting ready for and the roller coaster of life that went along with it all and…. here it is, the show now over, classes continue and… life goes on! In preparation for the show, I spent my mornings doing my balance and cardio at the school gym, still hoping and praying every day that the Lord will heal me or provide a form of therapy that will help lead to that outcome. The rest of the day was spent in classes, studying, and rehearsing. I literally spent all day at school, not getting home until nearly 11 some nights, while trying to juggle finding rides and getting to and from doctors and counselor appointments, battling financial issues (that left mom and me with no gas and struggling to pay for foodd during the show), AND battling this injury that at times has made it hard for me to stay in the moment and focus, the enemy seemed to be working overtime to keep me distracted and miserable.! HOWEVER… every moment has been worth it! Every second I get to learn is such a privilege to have!I LOVE learning, and the opportunity to perform was such a blessing!The performance went much better than I anticipated and I walked away with my first stage kiss (really funny being that I haven’t kissed a guy in over 5 years), a whole new world of experience ( this show consisted of seven small plays with each actor playing multiple parts), and new friends I hope to work with and know for many years to come! Now, as it’s come to an end … the wonderful world of midterms has JUST passed and… it’s back to getting into the books and praying for some sort of employment that will be good for my body and allow me to focus on my studies while regaining some independence. In this season, when it seems like and endless sea of chaos one thing remains true… I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know the ONE Who holds tomorrow. Learning to be content with what I have, often praying my way through the struggle of each day, I try with all my might to press on and believe that somehow, some way I WILL race agian (haha curve ball!) yesss…. my spirit yearns for the trails and the roads where I can hear the voice of God whisper sweet messages to me as I breathe in His Spirit and my feet flow rhythmically taking me to new training grounds and racing events… PRAY, BELIEVE…. all things are possible!  Today, I leave you with a recipe for a quick and tasty recovery snack!

Peanut butter cup froyo!


~1 individual sized cup of plain, chobani, nonfat yogurt

~1/2 tsp PB2 

~1 tsp hearshey chocolate syrup (plain or sugar free)

~1-2 drops of liquid stevia

*Directions… so there are two ways you can do this…

1.) Open up the yogurt and mix all ingredients, place in the freazer until frozen. Pack in a ziplock bag and enjoy after a good workout

2.) drop all ingredients into a blender with some ice, add 2/3 cup iced coffee for an energizing smoothie to start your day!