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Hmmmm… what a blessing and an honor to be back this week to, Lord willing, give some hope to those of you out there that need a little boost =)

Now, when I left off last time… things had hit an all time low. I had just switched from seeing a chiropractor to seeing a physical therapist (as per my doctor). As my body what adjusting, severe pain set in and I ended up in bed for three days… one of the days, I had actually attempted to head to church, but had to return home due to the pain. Thankfully, the following eve I was able to get in to see the Physical therapist on an emergency visit. She showed me some self adjustment techniques and exercises and sent me on my way with clear instructions to take it easy. So, determined to heal up… that’s what I did! I spent days reading and nurturing myself and preparing mentally for classes to start!

Then, the 12th rolled around… the day I’d been anticipating, yet fearing for some time. Classes were beginning and I was off to face recovery and dive into the semester with a full class schedule.The day prior, I’d actually been able to get to church and enjoy purple book and the service. There, I allowed the Spirit of God to fill me up and prepare me for the coming week… and, the 12th… a success!!! The following day, the day after that, and the one after that… successes in baby steps. While it’s felt like a bit of a pressure-cooker between going to EOPS appointments, classes, trying to get homework done in the library until my book funds come in, pushing through the chaos of toddler tantrums and family drama to get what I can done while I’m at home…. I’m SO grateful for every moment of it! The learning process is something that I find quite addicting =)In the long run, I know it will produce good fruit!  Now, being that this season has begun, this sight is under construction =) I mentioned before that I will be reducing my posts to once every other week or possibly even just once a month. Hopefully, this way I’ll have  more of a chance to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire my words. In closing I will say…. I’m thankful for everyone who has helped me on my journey so far… Jesus Chris (my Savior!) Hilltop Community Church in Richmond, Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship, Grace Lutheran, Waypointe Church, my mom, family, God family, friends, Dr. Runco (who I had to stop going to due to lack of ability to get out to Concord and Doctor’s instructions), my Physical therapist (who is unnamed for the time being), and everyone who has ever encouraged me along the way… even just a a smile or a friendly handshake or hug can make a world of difference in someone’s life. I’m believing for amazing things. 2015 is the year of entering the promises… I FULLY believe that! Now, I’ll leave you all today with a list of BRAIN FOODS! GOD BLESS!!!!

~BRAIN FOODS~ Hyperlinks will lead you to various sites with more in-depth info

1.) Oatmeal and brown rice: both carry vitamin E and good carbohydrates to help keep your brain wheels turning and improve retention of information received at school, work, ect.

2.) Blueberries: according to research at Trufts University, consumption MAY help in improving or delaying short term memory loss.

3) Omega 3 fatty acids: these are contained in things like fish (salmon, sardines, cod, flounder), flaxseed, walnuts, even various sorts of squash (butternut), carry small amounts as well.

4.) Nuts: (especially walnuts) carry protein, vitamin E, and many other nutrients to keep you alert and focused!

5.) Veggies: things like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, ect carry antioxidants (ie: vitamin C) and carotenoids that protect the brain!

6.) Eggs: Rich in b vitamins, omega 3, and protein, and other essential nutrients that help aid the communication between brain cells.definitely one of my favorite power foods!

7.) Curry

8.) Avocados: Very high in monounsaturated fats that help stimulate the blood flow to your brain =)

9.)WATER WATER WATER!!!: While it’s not a food, I can’t stress this enough! people who study a lot rely waaay to much on caffeen and don’t realize that we need half our body weight in oz of water every day plus one glass of water per cup of coffee (or tea) consumed (due to the antioxidant content).

I hope all these things have or will be of use to you! Remember… we don’t know what tomorrow holds, so embrace today as if it were your last! GOD BLESS!!!

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