Restoration begins… I believe! Plus Autumn recipe kick off!


Hey everyone! I hope y’all had a wonderful week! As I promised, I’m back this week with some fall flavors! First, I’ll share an update on my journey! This past week was busy, busy, busy! Yet, it was a good kind of busy. Little guy started daycare/ preschool and mom and I went out to Berkeley for her work and for me to be able to do a pet sit and get back  to rebuilding my fitness… carefully and prepping for a speaking engagement I was scheduled for called “The Circle of Sisterhood, health and wellness” at my home church (Hilltop Community) while mom was working. We then would head off to pick up little guy. Meanwhile, I’d been battling issues with self worth once more and somewhat slipped into an unhealthy eating pattern one more.. I began nervously munching and stuffing my face with my favorite veggies until it hurt! Of course, this takes place just before I’m about to speak to a bunch of ladies about the importance of fitness neing balanced in nutrition. I’m guessing it was nerves, feeling that with coming back from an injury, I wasn’t worthy of speaking about taking care of your body. Man… satan truly knows how to mess with your head! Any-who, Mom was overworked and exhausted, and worries with my troubled loved one came up again… the attacks just kept coming! Thursday, a breakthrough! As I lay, face down on my Chiropractor’s table getting electric therapy, the Lord came over me and for the first time, I felt His powerful love wash over me. He assured me how much I’m loved by Him… this joy and amazing warmth just overwhelmed me! Wow… and the ice in me melted. I began to look at how cold and harsh I’d often been and somehow, from that point on, I’ve seen myself and everyone else differently… in the eyes of love. Hmmm. That brings a feeling that’s better that gluten free sugar cookies and hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day! As Friday rolled around, it was cram day… from taking little guy to preschool, going to work with mom, off to feed kitties, home to change, back up to church to prep and speak… whew! What a day! The speaking engagement went wonderfully!  I learned a lot from the other speaker and got to share about my passion… fitness and health mixed with some good ‘ol Jesus Christ =)  what an honor and blessing! Our always makes me feel good knowing that someone’s health and life could possibly be changed by what the Lord has me say and do. Now, as we head into this new week, I encourage you to find the light, no matter what your circumstances may look like, and know that God loves you… He really, really loves you. He loves you so much that if His love was a liquid, the universe would not be able to contain it! That being said… off to the recipe!

*Mini Pumpkin Pies*
Crust ingredients
-2lg over-ripened bananas
-2 &2/3 cups rolled oat flour


Filling Ingredients
-1 15oz can of pumpkin
-2 egg whites plus 1/2 a yolk
-1 tsp (slightly heaped) Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice
-1/3 cup nonfat evaporated milk
-1 cup raw sugar, honey, or artificial “baking” sweetener of your choice

Preheat oven to 350° get 2 6count muffin pans and spray then with butter flavored cooking spray.
CRUST: Mash bananas until lumps are gone. Slowly mix flour in until thick and doughy. Some.flour MIGHT end up unused. Roll dough into 1 inch balls, then flatten and fit into each cup of the cup cake tins.
FILLING: mix all ingredients thoroughly and fill each crust, leaving a small portion of the crust visible.
Place pans into the oven and let bake for 20-30 min or until crust is  golden. Place out on a rack to cool, serve and enjoy!

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