from tantrums to structure


Isaiah 41:18
18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights,
    and springs within the valleys.
I will turn the desert into pools of water,
    and the parched ground into springs.

Desert… have you ever been through one? One of my fondest memories is of my family and me going camping with childhood friends in Death Valley. Though we were there in winter, it was still bear and seemingly lifeless. This went on for miles and miles. The only things that seemed to dwell there were tarantulas, lizards, and snakes… no major water sources…only tumble weeds, cacti, and salt flats…. well, there are times in life that many of us have that seem to never end. Yep .. I’ve been there. It seems I’m still there. As mom and I have been caring for my troubled family member’s son, we’ve faced many trials. Issues with mom’s car lead to a huge financial struggle. We ended up way behind on rent. Thankfully, God provided just in the nick of time! On days went mom went to work, I stayed home with little one, and dealt with things I was TOTALLY unprepared for! Due to the things he’d been through before being placed with us plus his dealing with the emotions of not having his mom… there were fits, tantrums, biting, screaming.. Wow! After the first couple of days… I was ready to throw in the towel. My attitude was totally selfish, yet God began to speak to me. He reminded me of what little guy had been through and prayers my mom and I had prayed night after night. So, I asked the Lord to help me in raising him. Soon, tantrums lessened, biting.. not happening so much, and he’s beginning to trust my mom and me knowing we’re not leaving his side. With gentle firmness, God has helped my mom set boundaries that he is quickly adjusting to! What a blessing! While I know there are many trials we still may have to face… I know God is here. He hears our cries for guidance, restoration, and provision. As far as racing… well, if I’ll race again… I don’t believe is a question that needs to be asked. I believe it’s where and when. This dessert I’ve been in emotionally, financially, and in various other aspects of life is soon coming to an end. I’ll continue to stand firm. My God WILL NOT FAIL! Today, I’ll close with a recipe I came up with while caring for little guy! He nommed it down right away!

Cheesy Chicken and brown Rice w Steamed Veggies

-2 cups steamed brown rice
-1 steamed or baked chicken breast, chopped into tiny pieces
-1 stick string mozzarella cheese pulled into shreds
-sea salt to taste (optional)
-1 crown of broccoli
-1 cup peeled baby carrots

Chop up broccoli and place together in a pot with 1 cup water to steam. Steam until very tender. Take a med sautee pan, coat with butter flavored cooking spray place on stove on high until warm, then add rice, chicken, cheese and salt. Cook until all ingredients are thoroughly heated and cheese is melted and spread evenly through mixture. Then, serve. This can be used as a family meal or set up in mini tupperware for easy to take kiddie meals. You can also set up a little side of ranch dressing for veggie dipping!

I hope y’all enjoy your week! Be encouraged and blessed!IMG_20140712_221247


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