update plus park fitness


Hey y’all! Here we are… another week has gone bye. I want to start by saying… the things I’ve shared with all of your about people and circumstances that have been involved in various aspects of my life are truly one side of the story. Everyone has their side. With the most recent events surrounding the situation with my troubled loved one … well, I will say… she tried to be a good mom, when drugs come into any situation, things become a mess. I truly believe this young woman has so much potential and can and WILL do great things with her life! That being said… This week has had its battles. Mom had been trying to juggle working with taking on foster parenting. I have been at home with the little guy while she works and at one point found myself selfishly asking “why me, why me, why me?” When the truth of the matter is… why him? This little guy deserves to have a stable living situation with a Godly mom and dad, but his life has been torn apart. Meanwhile, thank God that mom and I are willing to help pick up and mend the pieces with the help of God. So, we go forward, prayerfully and choose to be thankful for every day. Today, I’m keeping my update to a minimum so that I can return to one of my main purposes for writing this blog… originally, I was to give updates to encourage you that you’re not alone and to focus on Christ whatever situation you’re facing, and was to include fitness tips and recipes to help you take care of your temple… however, I’ve become unbalanced so…. the following is a basic workout you can do at home or a local park. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

-20 arm circles forward repeat backward
-10neck rotations clockwise then counterclockwise
-20 windmills
-20 alternating standing side stretches
-5min walk or light jog
-10 side steps left then right repeat 2x
-30 second bench pushups (us bench instead of floor. Do pushups timing yourself for 30 sec) take 30 sec rest. Repeat 2-3x
-high knee march forward 10 x Turn around and repeat. Do 3x
-30 sec triceps dips.(same as pushups) rest 30 sec then repeat 2-3x
-1 min march in place
-30 sec side leg lift. Alternate sides. Repeat 2-3x each side
-30sec to 1 min jumping jacks
-30 sec wall sit 10 sec rest repeat 3x
-30 sec plank
-30 sec side plank on each side
– 30 sec crunches
Walk or slow jog for 5 and do long, slow stretching. Make sure to stretch gently and thoroughly!

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