little feet…


Bitter sweet… that describes the season that I’ve been in for seems like forever. As I left off last week, I shared major victories and discussed an underlying family issue that… well…. This past Thursday was settled. So…. here goes.. Last week, my training was taken up a notch… Ok to a whole new level!!! Improvements were made, I was feeling great (plus or minus a few tight muscles) & was feeling more and more positive! Thursday, my mom went to court to resolve the situation revolving around my troubled loved one and the possible placement of their child, and… she came home with a 14 month old baby and we quickly had to rearrange things to ensure that he was comfortable. The next day, my God Mother and I did a volunteer shift to set up the Brazen Racing Dirty Dozen 12hr, 6hr, 10k and 5k running event being held the following day. I had a blast! Getting to be involved in the race scene in every aspect has become a total joy to me! Plus, this was their 100th race, so it was a huge honor to get to be involved in the preparation. I then went home and prepared to get up early to race the next day! As my mom, and our new addition to our house hold arrived, joy overcame me as I looked at all the hard work the volunteer crew and I had done come to life, bringing joy to hundreds of race ready runners! At the start of the 5k and10k, my God Mother and I walked up to the start line. She was to run the 5k & I was ready to run the 10k. It was time to put the training to the test…and… victory for both of us! She won overall on female in the 5k and I won overall female on the 10k!!!! What a blessing!!! At the finish, I ran off to get a few more miles in and find my family and share the moment! Hmmmm bitter sweet. The feelings I battled knowing I was going home that evening to face the fact that mom and I are now fostering this precious baby boy. The bitter part? I never wanted to tear him away from his mom, mom and I have to deal with bad choices made by my troubled family member while trying to get our lives situated, we are struggling financially, and I want more than anything to be able to give this little guy the best life possible. The sweet part… I get to be involved in the missing of a precious human being. So… back to the event. After refueling and spending time with my family, I did another volunteer shift and … I felt a tug in my left side. As I walked a little, it went away so I thought it’d be ok. My family and I then went home and I attempted to get some rest so I could be up bright and early for my first one mile road race. The next morning, I got up, got my quite time and went off to meet my God Mom. We headed off to the miracle mile 1 mile road race. My God mom warmed up and my God Grammy and I watched as she raced in to the finish! What an exciting moment! I love the thrill of watching runners push themselves to they limits and puts beyond what they thought they could do, right into the finish! Then .. My turn. I ran the course to warm up and the tug on my left side hit .. Sharp. I continued to jog and it went away. I stretched, warmed up and headed to the start line. All I can say is.. there’s nothing more humbling to an athlete than waking up to the start line if a race, with what we like to call an “irritation” otherwise known as the left side twinge, to be standing by incredible elite women who seem to be untouched by injury… then as the gun goes off… you’re left in the dust. The good thing about this is this race was for my benefit to see where my fitness is and how to improve. Seeing the elite women knock that course out in just under 5 minutes was a remarkable experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The skill and grace they carry with each stride… I can only pray that someday that will be me. I finished at about 6:35 which was 25 seconds faster than when I’d run the mile on the track during speed training!!! What a blessing! I did a really brief cool down and felt the twinge in my left side again. Ouch!!!! I headed back to my God Family to find that my God Grammy’s great grand baby was doing a kids run! Too cute!!! We then headed out, talked to some friends and off to church! After service, my mom and little guy met up with us and we all headed to hometown buffet for lunch. Then, off home and to reality…. Monday, I woke up..stretched, did my ab work, had my quite time, ate breakfast and headed off to face the music. I slowly jogged about 4.5 miles and the twinge just kept twinging… so… off to the doc! Apparently it was just a few small things. He adjusted me and told me to do a two mile light jog on Tuesday to help the muscles adjust. I then spent the day with little guy… what a joy! I learned how to get him to quiet down after my mom left and what foods he likes. However, being that he’s dealing with being separated from his mom, he’d scream at the top of his lungs if I’d even step out for a sec to use the restroom…. sigh… that along with being stuck inside our apartment all day… poor guy! Mom came home and we both were relieved to have her back! Today… I stepped out… went to train… felt pretty good at first and… toward the end… TWINGE!!! NOOOOOO! Doc says it sounds like soft tissue and to see how I feel tomorrow… hmmm so I spent the day with little guy until my mom got home and… well here I am .. at another point of wondering… where do I go from here. A situation that has stemmed from years of my own bad decisions meshed with the bad decisions of those around me. At times I’ve felt like a cat that has been trapped in a muddy pit… scratching, trying to get out. I’ve done all I can to stand firm. I’ve prayed, cried out, spoken the promises of God over my life, sought out possible employment… all I know is I will continue to stand firm. Something good well come of this! In the mean time, I chose to enjoy my loved ones, and be grateful for each day… As always, I encourage you .. whatever you’re dealing with, no matter how big the problem may seem… let go, let God… in Him, the battle is won! For this week.. no recipe…. buuuut… I’ll be cookin up something special for y’all next week. GOD BLESS

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