update plus park fitness


Hey y’all! Here we are… another week has gone bye. I want to start by saying… the things I’ve shared with all of your about people and circumstances that have been involved in various aspects of my life are truly one side of the story. Everyone has their side. With the most recent events surrounding the situation with my troubled loved one … well, I will say… she tried to be a good mom, when drugs come into any situation, things become a mess. I truly believe this young woman has so much potential and can and WILL do great things with her life! That being said… This week has had its battles. Mom had been trying to juggle working with taking on foster parenting. I have been at home with the little guy while she works and at one point found myself selfishly asking “why me, why me, why me?” When the truth of the matter is… why him? This little guy deserves to have a stable living situation with a Godly mom and dad, but his life has been torn apart. Meanwhile, thank God that mom and I are willing to help pick up and mend the pieces with the help of God. So, we go forward, prayerfully and choose to be thankful for every day. Today, I’m keeping my update to a minimum so that I can return to one of my main purposes for writing this blog… originally, I was to give updates to encourage you that you’re not alone and to focus on Christ whatever situation you’re facing, and was to include fitness tips and recipes to help you take care of your temple… however, I’ve become unbalanced so…. the following is a basic workout you can do at home or a local park. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

-20 arm circles forward repeat backward
-10neck rotations clockwise then counterclockwise
-20 windmills
-20 alternating standing side stretches
-5min walk or light jog
-10 side steps left then right repeat 2x
-30 second bench pushups (us bench instead of floor. Do pushups timing yourself for 30 sec) take 30 sec rest. Repeat 2-3x
-high knee march forward 10 x Turn around and repeat. Do 3x
-30 sec triceps dips.(same as pushups) rest 30 sec then repeat 2-3x
-1 min march in place
-30 sec side leg lift. Alternate sides. Repeat 2-3x each side
-30sec to 1 min jumping jacks
-30 sec wall sit 10 sec rest repeat 3x
-30 sec plank
-30 sec side plank on each side
– 30 sec crunches
Walk or slow jog for 5 and do long, slow stretching. Make sure to stretch gently and thoroughly!


little feet…


Bitter sweet… that describes the season that I’ve been in for seems like forever. As I left off last week, I shared major victories and discussed an underlying family issue that… well…. This past Thursday was settled. So…. here goes.. Last week, my training was taken up a notch… Ok to a whole new level!!! Improvements were made, I was feeling great (plus or minus a few tight muscles) & was feeling more and more positive! Thursday, my mom went to court to resolve the situation revolving around my troubled loved one and the possible placement of their child, and… she came home with a 14 month old baby and we quickly had to rearrange things to ensure that he was comfortable. The next day, my God Mother and I did a volunteer shift to set up the Brazen Racing Dirty Dozen 12hr, 6hr, 10k and 5k running event being held the following day. I had a blast! Getting to be involved in the race scene in every aspect has become a total joy to me! Plus, this was their 100th race, so it was a huge honor to get to be involved in the preparation. I then went home and prepared to get up early to race the next day! As my mom, and our new addition to our house hold arrived, joy overcame me as I looked at all the hard work the volunteer crew and I had done come to life, bringing joy to hundreds of race ready runners! At the start of the 5k and10k, my God Mother and I walked up to the start line. She was to run the 5k & I was ready to run the 10k. It was time to put the training to the test…and… victory for both of us! She won overall on female in the 5k and I won overall female on the 10k!!!! What a blessing!!! At the finish, I ran off to get a few more miles in and find my family and share the moment! Hmmmm bitter sweet. The feelings I battled knowing I was going home that evening to face the fact that mom and I are now fostering this precious baby boy. The bitter part? I never wanted to tear him away from his mom, mom and I have to deal with bad choices made by my troubled family member while trying to get our lives situated, we are struggling financially, and I want more than anything to be able to give this little guy the best life possible. The sweet part… I get to be involved in the missing of a precious human being. So… back to the event. After refueling and spending time with my family, I did another volunteer shift and … I felt a tug in my left side. As I walked a little, it went away so I thought it’d be ok. My family and I then went home and I attempted to get some rest so I could be up bright and early for my first one mile road race. The next morning, I got up, got my quite time and went off to meet my God Mom. We headed off to the miracle mile 1 mile road race. My God mom warmed up and my God Grammy and I watched as she raced in to the finish! What an exciting moment! I love the thrill of watching runners push themselves to they limits and puts beyond what they thought they could do, right into the finish! Then .. My turn. I ran the course to warm up and the tug on my left side hit .. Sharp. I continued to jog and it went away. I stretched, warmed up and headed to the start line. All I can say is.. there’s nothing more humbling to an athlete than waking up to the start line if a race, with what we like to call an “irritation” otherwise known as the left side twinge, to be standing by incredible elite women who seem to be untouched by injury… then as the gun goes off… you’re left in the dust. The good thing about this is this race was for my benefit to see where my fitness is and how to improve. Seeing the elite women knock that course out in just under 5 minutes was a remarkable experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The skill and grace they carry with each stride… I can only pray that someday that will be me. I finished at about 6:35 which was 25 seconds faster than when I’d run the mile on the track during speed training!!! What a blessing! I did a really brief cool down and felt the twinge in my left side again. Ouch!!!! I headed back to my God Family to find that my God Grammy’s great grand baby was doing a kids run! Too cute!!! We then headed out, talked to some friends and off to church! After service, my mom and little guy met up with us and we all headed to hometown buffet for lunch. Then, off home and to reality…. Monday, I woke up..stretched, did my ab work, had my quite time, ate breakfast and headed off to face the music. I slowly jogged about 4.5 miles and the twinge just kept twinging… so… off to the doc! Apparently it was just a few small things. He adjusted me and told me to do a two mile light jog on Tuesday to help the muscles adjust. I then spent the day with little guy… what a joy! I learned how to get him to quiet down after my mom left and what foods he likes. However, being that he’s dealing with being separated from his mom, he’d scream at the top of his lungs if I’d even step out for a sec to use the restroom…. sigh… that along with being stuck inside our apartment all day… poor guy! Mom came home and we both were relieved to have her back! Today… I stepped out… went to train… felt pretty good at first and… toward the end… TWINGE!!! NOOOOOO! Doc says it sounds like soft tissue and to see how I feel tomorrow… hmmm so I spent the day with little guy until my mom got home and… well here I am .. at another point of wondering… where do I go from here. A situation that has stemmed from years of my own bad decisions meshed with the bad decisions of those around me. At times I’ve felt like a cat that has been trapped in a muddy pit… scratching, trying to get out. I’ve done all I can to stand firm. I’ve prayed, cried out, spoken the promises of God over my life, sought out possible employment… all I know is I will continue to stand firm. Something good well come of this! In the mean time, I chose to enjoy my loved ones, and be grateful for each day… As always, I encourage you .. whatever you’re dealing with, no matter how big the problem may seem… let go, let God… in Him, the battle is won! For this week.. no recipe…. buuuut… I’ll be cookin up something special for y’all next week. GOD BLESS

Fullfillment, even of unspoken requests.


Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Hope you’re having an amazing week! Things have been rolling in many ways on my end =] all glory to God! Last week, I made it a priority to take care of myself by easing back a little on the training being that I was coming back from a mini set back. As the 4th approached, talks of the Run San Ramon 10k were in the air. Meanwhile, a meeting was being held to discuss possible options for the care of my troubled family member’s child. Due to circumstances surrounding transportation, I was unable to attend the meeting which actually turned out for the best. While my mom did attend the meeting, my troubled family member was a no show and… The issue was transferred to court. The fourth rolled around and my God Mother and I were headed off to San Ramon. What a blessing! As we were headed out, the specifics of the course were discussed between my a God Mother and me. She was to run the 5k and I was to run the 10k. As it turned out, the 10k was a double loop of the 5k course… It used to be that I disliked this sort of course, but this time… I was determined to apply it to life and enjoy it! The first loop was amazing! I took off a little too hard, however… It was worth every bit of effort! The crowd and volunteers were amazing! The second loop… Even better… I began to press harder , running faster and as I began to approach the finish line… I sprinted and kicked it in for a 3rd place female win!!! Wow!what a humbling experience! After dealing with a set back the week before… It was only by the power of God that I was able to even finish the race let alone place! What an honor! How I applied this to life? Well, many times we are taken through a test or trial more than once. When I ran around the course the first time, I did it a little slower than during the finishing loop. It was during the first loop that I became familiar with the aid station locations and was given promptings that let me know what my splits were. The second time around, I knew the course better and was able to navigate more clearly, making the most of the recourses and get through to the finish a lot faster. Same with life. The first time we go through trials, we learn what the word of God says and how to apply those things to our “course” so we can navigate properly and get through. When we approach similar situation, we are able to use the knowledge we gained in the first round and get through to victory more safely and efficiently! So… After I finished, I went back to find my God Mom (who received 1st place in her age group) and God Grammy and we enjoyed time with some friends and hung around for the awards ceremony where she and I both received awards! We then headed off to enjoy lunch and an evening of fireworks from my God Mother’s back yard, during which, some horses galloped through the field behind her fence. What a beautiful sight! She and I took in every moment while recharging and getting ready for yet another event the next morning. I headed to bed, my heart filled with gratitude for all the Lord had done. Though I didn’t get to spend the day with my mom and troubled family member, I was blessed to share a fun and peaceful day with people who have become family in so many ways. The next morning, I woke to get ready for the zoom 5k at Quarry Lakes! Heading out there, we got a little lost, but the Lord assured me that I was on course! We still got there early and.. Headed up to register and warm up. Funny thing happened… As I was preparing to start, I lost track of time and almost missed the start! Thankfully, I got there just in time to have 2min to spare! As the race started, I pushed with all my might! I kept thinking in my mind that I would love to break the course record and prayed that God would help me. During the first mile I started out ahead, but soon, a young girl and I were neck and neck. She asked my name and we talked briefly and… She pushed ahead of me. Part of me felt defeated, but I felt the Lord prompt me to keep pushing harder than ever before. At half way point…. I PASSED HER! Praise Jesus! I jetted in, full speed ahead to win 1st overall female AND broke the course record by 8 seconds over a minute! A new PR… WHAT A BLESSING!!! After my God mother finished her event, we spent time enjoying the scenery with her mom and a mutual friend of ours. We then headed off to eat and discussed a possible 10k for Sunday morn before church. However, circumstances arose that caused us to decide to sit that one out, and it just happened to be for a good reason! God always knows best! As it turned out, that eve we were invited to attend a Spirit led service at a church in El Cerrito. I attended my church for the early service and headed of to attend the one of invitation. Again… Another blessing. While I do enjoy the church I regularly attend, part of me had been craving something I had at Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship as a child… Spirit led order of service! Well, the Lord heard my cry and… Showered my God Mother and me with His presence inside of a little fellowship held right next to a liquor store! Haaaaa… So refreshing. The music, the fellowship! Afterwards, as we were headed out, my mom met up with us and we were about to run off to our own little lunch plan. Suddenly , one of the church members came by and invited us to Little Hong Kong for lunch! At first, I was reluctant… But we all decided to accept the invitation. There, we enjoyed a wonderful blessing! Fellowship… Just like the church of acts. Communing together. How refreshing! All I can say is… Truly when you allow the Lord to lead, your path will be full of blessings you could never obtain for yourself. In this time, chains of seclusion were broken and a time of true refreshing came. So… This week I encourage you… Get together with people of the faith that you ordinarily don’t spend much time with. Sing, get into the word, break bread… Enjoy life! That’s true worship! Whatever passions or dreams you have… Be willing to surrender them to God and He will do much more than you could have ever imagined or dreamed!

Recipe for the week
*Creamy Royal Carrot Soup*
-3 cups washed and chopped, purple carrots
-1/2 cup cubed sweet potato
-1 celery stock finely chopped
-1 clove garlic, minced
-2 shallots, minced
-3 1/2 cups vegetable stock (I make mine homemade, you can also purchase some at a grocer).
-2/3 cup non fat or low fat Greek yogurt
-1tsp ground ginger
-1tsp red curry powder
-1tsp sea salt
-cracked pepper to taste

Heat broth and veggies in a large pot with the veggie broth. Cover and let simmer until tender (between 25-30 min).
Place contents of pot into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add yogurt and blend on low speed until thoroughly mixed. Return to pot and slowly stir in seasonings and… Enjoy!


Back again back again. first I want to apologize for any typos and grammatical errors (ie:paragraph separation, ect). I use my mom’s and/or my God mom’s cell phones to build my blog. That being said… I left off last week with a hanging question… while running the race spiritually for Christ is something that I’ve decided to press in and press on toward till my very last breath, I began to stare at the giants in the land, and wonder if I should continue pursuing what I feel is my God given calling… To physically run races and share of how God can take a messed up shipwreck and radically change their life for His glory. From homeless drug addict to Christ addicted runner. I was advised by my doctor to chill out for the weekend… Worries began to cloud my mind. ” Will I race again?” meanwhile, I was preparing for my first speaking engagement in over 2years…. “Lord, how am I supposed to get up there and tell people I feel that You called me to run for you when I’m dealing with these impossibilities surrounding me?” I kept hearing Him speak to me telling me that I needn’t worry. If He taking away one dream, He’d give me something even greater. So… I surrendered. I went into WayPointe Christian Fellowship and did a round table interview where I gave a brief testimony and shared how God has moved in my life and… Pretty much let them know that I do have some racing goals, however how and if those things will come to pass… Only God knows. What a blessing! My scars displayed so others can be given hope. What an honor! Afterward, I went to help my God mom, and went off to see my troubled family member. Things had gotten worse. She looked so thin… The twitching body movement, purple tinted skin,and sucked in cheeks due to the drug use were more than obvious. Meanwhile,her little boy was soooo excited to see my mom. It was as if he’d gotten a huge gasp of fresh air. I brought over some frozen yogurt and decided… I just needed to show love. So, I popped opened the vanilla yogurt goodness and dished some out for everyone. We spent the day talking and eating and watching little guy walk around like a little champ! Evening came, and… It was off to home. As we left, my family member and her precious baby boy waved goodbye and mom and I were headed out to face yet another challenge. As we pulled up the hill toward home, the car struggled to get up… Then, a serious smell of burnt rubber… NOOOO! As soon as I got inside, I cleaned up, went to my room and said, “Lord, I don’t know what You’re doing here, but I surrender. I refuse to worry. You do what You’re going to do.” I woke up the next morning to my usual routine of carefully walking across the floor. I stretched, did my ab work grabbed my oatmeal, coffee, Bible and hid out in my room. Afterward, mom and I discussed the logistics of our day and, I headed out carefully to run for the first time in four days. I felt so heavy… But pressed on . I felt Him smile on me as I went, and had a peace in my spirit, with His spirit assuring me “you will fly again!” I went home, and thanked God for allowing me another day, especially another day that I got to run. Since Mon, I’ve stayed with my God mom so I could be available to help with some things. Meanwhile, at home… Concerns of paying rent and getting the car fixed swarmed like sharks. I kept praying, and somehow… There was just peace. Mom got her car back today… I, Lord willing will be home this eve. As for what will happen tomorrow… Only God knows. I know that I will continue to pursue what I feel He’s called me to. I’ll press on, no matter what the cost. I’m choosing to believe that God is working in my family, on behalf of my troubled loved one, on behalf of my mom, and why not believe that He is working on my behalf as well… In closing, I will say this… Darkness won’t last forever. Whatever you’re dealing with, God is there… He is holding you through your trial.Don’t give up! Don’t give in… Eventually, those giants will crumble under God’s mighty and magnificent hand.

As for the recipe…
Guilt Free Sugar Cookies
-2 3/4 brown rice flour
-1tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-1 cup low fat Greek yogurt
-1 1/2 cups raw, organic cain sugar
-1 egg
-1tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 375. Mix together yogurt, sugar, vanilla, and egg. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients. When wet and dry are thoroughly mixed slowly mix them together. Carefully roll teaspoon sized portions of dough onto balls and place onto cookie sheets that have been sprayed with butter flavored cooking spray. Bake for 8-10 min. Take out, let cool and… Enjoy!

Have a great week!