celebration through trials




Hey all…here I am too share more adventures! So, with the ending our my birthday, June 2, it seemed like the celebrating just didn’t stop! What a blessing! From getting treated to my favorite restaurants and a jelly belly factory visit (where I stocked up on my favorite treats) to learning to use my birthday as a day to not only get blessed but to also find a way to serve and bless others I was again on the go but in a good way! Meanwhile, family stuff stirred up again. Concerns with my troubled family member continuing to loom .. along with another flair up that I’m currently dealing with… all I can say is, I will continue to press on! This pain will not last forever, I will continue to focus in the good things God it’s doing. Somehow, someway something brilliant well come off all of this! Due to some surrounding circumstances, I will have to keep this week’s post short. However, I DO want to give you a recipe for a semi healthy sweet treat!


*Toaster Peanut Butter S’mores


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