2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a]whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.
James 1:2-3
So here it is, another week gone bye and WOW… what an adventure! I left the house sit last Sunday and my “birthday week” began and… poop hit the fan! Monday, my god mom and I headed to Marin to do a race to see were my 10k fitness was at in order to properly adjust my training and so she could aim toward a personal goal of her own. What a treat! While I love trail races for the clean air, scenery, and the feel of adventure. . There’s just something about road races that has always ignited a fire in me! The only down side is, I had a flare up and ran in a bit of pain. However, every step was worth it! Afterward we went to view the brand new Rosie the Riveter exhibit and headed to grab a bite to eat.Tuesday ruled around, my body was in more pain … I pushed through, unable to see my doctor, in the mean time was preparing for my first double race weekend (a 10k race on Sat and a 1/2 marathon on Sun). Funny thing is… there was peace. Wednesday came. .. more pain. My mom couldn’t take me to my doctor and I showed up at the track where my god mom mentors at… She knew something was up and I finally broke and let her know. She quickly agreed to take me to see my doctor between track and the track and Field awards ceremony that eve! PRAISE GOD! On the way there, my god grandma started having anxiety. Being that she is 88 and has dementia… that was NOT cool! I went into the doctors office, he fixed up a few things and said I could only proceed w the 10k if I felt 99% by Friday.  Yikes…. my heart sank. You see my mom had FINALLY decided to train to do her first 5k race which was being held at the same event with the 10k I was signed up for. I wanted so badly to get to race! However, I surrendered it to God. I told the Lord I would only proceed if He willed it. As my god mom and I headed back for the awards ceremony..  worries about my god grandma set in… the awards ceremony was amazing! I got so inspired just seeing how hard those kids work in their scholastics as well as their athletics. The hearts, dedication and determination that each of them have is something that will mark my heart forever! As we headed home, we got my god grandma into the house safely, however… it wasn’t easy. I stayed over so I could be there to help them out the next day and enjoy some time at the fair. I woke up the next morning to find my god grandma was having a really hard time getting up and out of the house which was a really bad sign. When we got to the fair, we got to enjoy it, however, my god grandma was arched over in her chair looking weepy. She insisted that she was having fun, so we tried to help her enjoy it the best we could. Getting her home and into the house was rough. I went home afterward and prayed she’d be ok. As the week came to an end, I was scheduled to help set up the event that my mom, god family, and I were scheduled to run. I felt good… was careful with the tasks I carried out .. 99% so… press on! That eve, I went to a relative’s house to help get her to her graduation ceremony to find she was M.I.A. mom and I waited and waited and soon a neighbor helped us find her. She was loaded… a total mess, and her baby boy… sick. The easy thing for me to do would be to go off on her and tell her how she was ruining her life… but I felt it best to just show love with firmness. Inside I wept. It was this time last year that my her baby was only a month old,she was newly drug free and we were enjoying real family time, eating at my favorite restaurant on my birthday. As I watched her receive her diploma, the Lord continued to impress the importance of magnifying the good in her life. It was His job to deal with the rest. Meanwhile, mom and I decided it was best to take her baby to the ER after the ceremony…. wow… the waves just kept coming! At the hospital, I waited in the car and tried to get a nap in. Not easy considering my worries for little guy. My mom and rekative came back at nearly midnight to tell me he’d picked up something viral and would be fine in a week. PRAISE GOD! After dropping her off at home, mom and I went home to get a few hours of rest and get up for the race! When we showed up at the event, my mom went to the 5k window to get her bib only to find out they accidentally registered her for the 10k… she’d only run a little over 4 miles in training, but decided to ahead and go for it! It was such a blessing to see her so happy like a kid again! W net up with my god family and… headed to the start line! What an incredible event!!! I ran around the course feeling like a superhero! All the hard work, speedwork, long runs, tempo runs, ect… I actually saw the fruit! Regardless of my personal results… I have to say I was first off given the honor of cheering my mom in, taking her finish line photo, and got to give her the finisher’s medal! What an HONOR! Second, I got to run… very few people know the real details behind the battle that has gone on with this and all I can say is .. I praise got for every step I take, for every training run, for every race…. without God, it all would be impossible! With God all things are possible! We corralled with my god family and enjoyed some refreshments. Then, it was off to the Cal Berkeley track with my god mom and grandma to watch the track and field team do their events! Again… I was blown away! The determination those kids have to push through personal difficulties, injuries, ect to become conquerors! The best part… they came over to share their victory with my god mom, and though I’d only been to a few of their practices… they came over and thanked and hugged me for my support. What a blessing! You never know what it means to someone to just be there a few times for a few moments to support them. The giving of time truly cannot be given a price tag! The reward… is a feeling of sentimental value that I will cherish forever. As my god mom and I left the stadium, we continued to fuel for the next days event… one that would carry emotions both bitter and sweet. You see, in 2011, my god mom and dad had invited me to go to this event for my birthday. Funny, because the event is just as old as I am! This year, as I was running the course… I the hills seemed smaller than before in comparison to the ones in my more recent races. A race that I once went on and on about being so difficult wasn’t nearly as hard. Kind of like life. When you go through a series of trials without the proper training, the hills seem impossible. When you go through the harder seasons and go through the proper training, and go back through the original trials that one seemed so tough .. they become like mole hills! Pushing up each hill and flying down the other sides, around each turn… what an adventure! The beauty of the course… breathtaking! The bitter sweet part? Well, when I ran the race in 2011, my god dad was at the 1 mile mark and cheered me on saying “1 mile to go! Push it in! Push it in!” After the finish we all went to visit my god grandma who was in a senior rehabilitation home at the time then ate at what would become my all time favorite restaurant for the first time. This time around… I almost began to cry as I raced over the bridge and envisioned my god Dad cheering me on… until that moment, I didn’t realize how much his recent death still effected me. I pushed in to the finish hearing cheers from my god mom’s sister and my god.grandma!!!! Victory!!! Wow! It never seizes to amaze me how despite the trials I’ve had, God has always been there, providing support, encouragement, and love while helping me press on to victory. The best part? My birthday meal at my favorite restaurant with my mom, god Mom, god grandma, and… my god dad’s hat set as a memorial… surrounded by love =) So, this week… whatever trial you are facing.. count it all joy. Embrace and magnify the good, glean from and trust God through the bad, encourage those who need it and… surrender what you can’t control and watch the God of wonders work miracles! Have a blessed week!


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