quick update


Since the recovery week for the 50k, life has been pretty hecktick. The recovery went very smoothly. However, my mentor and I both had to switch from recovery mode to preparation week for another event… the Western Pacific Marathon! Things totally began to go haywire in both of our personal lives. My mom fell and hurt herself at home making her work more difficult. Pressures of finances and worries of how to move forward weighed heavy on her… I began to get worried and wheapy instead of heading to the Word…. while I was out with my mom during her work hours, I picked up the vacuum and brooms and dug in to help her get her work done. The day before the marathon, I was exhausted and ready to just say forget it. However, I did my carb load and headed out the next day determined to finish the task. I had a bad attitude as we drove to the event which it totally unlike me! As we went to get our bib numbers, a fellow runner and church member at hilltop community mentioned that she was originally only going to do the half because it was a really boring course. However, she was going to go ahead and do the full marathon. So, in my mind all I could think is… “at least it’s a Boston qualifier!” As I got to the start line, the idea of doing a boring course really set in. The race stayed of great… I was ahead of my goal pacer at the same time, my attitude toward the event didn’t change.instead of enjoying the course, I anxiously awaited each mile marker. Then, at about mile 6 or7 I thought, “forget this! I’m going to enjoy every moment! I’m going to celebrate every mile mark!” Soon, the joy of the event set in.the course was beautiful and I.learned a lot out there like how to properly grab aid station supplies, properly preaching myself, how to stay focused, and what fuel works best for my body. Even after my pacer past me and I knew I wasn’t going to hit my target time, I decided I was going to give it my all and push through till the end. And… what a glorious end it was! You see, my mom wasn’t able to make it to the event and I want expecting to really see anyone at the finish. However, when I got there, I heard the loudest cheer I’d ever heard at any finish line I’ve ever crossed! It was my God mother, her mother, her sisters, and one of her sister’s husbands. WHAT A BLESSING! So, in this u simply want to say… what ever race it seems you are in in your life, no matter how it appears the course might be, make a choice from the beginning to enjoy, learn, and glean from every moment! Most of all… something I’ve said time and time again is… it’s not about what place you finish in…it’s about the people who you encourage asking the way and those you have that are dear to you to celebrate the finish with. Live, love, learn, laugh, get out there, get healthy and enjoy every moment! Life is not worth living in misery for any reason! God bless! 


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