As a week closes up and I get ready to leave the houses it, i’m relieved yet saddened to be going home. You see… at home, I have the warmth of being around my mom, The relief of getting to be around my own cat, and the security of being in my own home. However, along with that comes facing reality. I go back to a place that seems so far away from everything, no transportation of my own, The everyday grind of trying to make ends meet, and yet somehow there is peace. While here, The enemy kept playing with my mind. Old, familiar faces kept coming across my path reminding me of all the times I tried one thing or another and failed. I began to be angry with myself for not being better off than I am now, for all the self-hatred in the past, the bad relationships, failed friendships, failed attempts at financial success, failure, failure, failure….. Wow!!! Here I was, alone to either sit in this and drown or grab a hold of God and rise up! Then, as I was going over a lesson in my Bible study I was led to Isaiah 54:4…. Lord began to speak to me…. A friend of mine I was spending time with was talking about her regrets and about all the times that she had messed things up. I begin to tell her house in Christ she is a new creation and gave her a big sermon on how the word she speaks about herself have so much power. I assured her that she did not need to be so hard on herself, because God loves her God sees her and cherishes her…. She’s a new creature in Christ! God is doing something and has some amazing things in store for her! Funny thing is, I was preaching to myself! I went to the house I was house sitting at and began to cocoon up, and press into the Father. I apologized for complaining even though in all honesty I do still have a lot more than many others. I let his love washover me, and let Him speak His words of love and encouragement to my spirit. So, this week I want to encourage you, that no matter what you’re going through…. Embrace this hill, embrace your situation! Ask God to lead you and help you be an encouragement to someone else… And through that you’ll see your situation and a whole new light! Now, I truly feel hopeful! For it is God who works to make the impossible possible! The reality of my home going, no longer bothers me! I go home knowing that no matter what tomorrow holds, God has a very best in store for my family and me. Besides, in Christ above all I am blessed! For this weeks recipe, and serving up something amazing for memorial day! Time to barbecue!!!!!

* grilled mahi-mahi with lemon zest accompanied by brown rice pilaf grilled and summer squash… And you get to wash it down with sparkling lemmon berry hibiscus tea!

-4 hibiscus tea bags (Peet’s coffee and tea has an amazing blend)
-2 cups boiling water
-1 25.4 oz bottle of whole foods sparkling strawberry lemonade
-1/2 cup fresh blueberries rinsed
-1/2 cup sliced fresh strawberries
Steep tea bags in boiling water for four minutes. Pull them out without squeezing the water out of them (squeezing will make the tea aesthetic). Put in fridge for one hour to chill. Add sparkling strawberry lemonade, blueberries sliced fresh strawberries…. And your tea is ready!

~Brown Rice Pilaf
-1 cup long grain brown rice
– 1 1/2 tbs olive oil
-2 1/2 cups vegetable broth
-1 shallot minced
-clove garlic crushed
-1tsp crushed parsley
-1/2 tsp lemon zest
-sea salt and pepper to taste
In a medium sauce pan, Cook the rice in olive oil until slightly toasted. Slowly stir in the vegetable broth along with the seasonings let it come to a boil, then reduce to simmer for about 10-15min or until tender.

~Grilled mahi mahi with lemon zest
-2 5 to 6 oz mahi mahi filets
-1tbs olive oil
-2tbs fresh squeezed Lemmon
-1 tsp Lemmon zest
-1 clove crushed garlic
-1/2 tsp sea salt
-1/2 tsp parsley
cover A portion of your grill with foil, and let the grill heat up Marinade your fish seasonings place on grill and cook on each side flipping about every five minutes until slightly golden on the outside and flaky.

~Grilled Summer Squash
-1 yellow crook-neck squash sliced into circles
-1 zucchini squash sliced into circles
-sea salt and/or pepper to taste
-olive oil cooking spray
Spray a piece of foil w olive oil and carefully place on grill… And heat the grill. Place squash on foil, season lightly and let grill until slightly golden on each side and… You’re done

Now… Set your plates up, and enjoy your Memorial Day!




















Don’t Let it Drop


Have you ever had a prayer that you thought was answered, and as it turns out things went the opposite direction? Well, in recent events I had one of those. Someone I care for deeply, who my family and I have prayed for and interceded for, for a long,long time decided to take a destructive path once more. Signs had showed up over the past few months and this past week, it was very clear and very obvious what was going on. In the midst of it, my mom and I have continued to pray and intercede for the lives of others as well as our circumstances. Ministry began to pick up for my ministry partner, and I thought it would be a good idea to pick up extra tasks at church even though the Holy Spirit has prompted me time and time again to focus strictly on what he has lead my god mother and me to do. With my hand full of bible studies, personal studies, training, helping my god mom, trying to help provide within my home, switching into another house sit, dealing with the worries concerning my troubled family member, volunteer commitment at church, races…. Finally…. I did miss the mark. I began to feel overtired, drained and, began to wine and complain…. Wow! I dropped the volunteer work at church last week due to issues with the troubled loved one, and this week, I tried to make it on time, but failed. Good thing is… God was speaking to me all along.. Telling me to stay focused on the task. A bible study is a wonderful thing,…. I’ll continue with it. Meanwhile, I need to remain saturated in the word in my own quiet time. Volunteering within the church walls is ok (for me) on occasion, however… There are things I need to stay focused on in order to accomplish what I just called me to that don’t always leave me available to that. So, I need to take the path The Lord has shown me and stick with it. Dealing with troubled loved ones… Well, that is something I need to do in prayer, keeping my boundaries set for my safety and sanity and… Keep believing that God is working. Helping my god mom… Well I feel that it’s what Lord has for me to do right now. Finally, training and racing…. I put Christ first and he continues to show me that racing is where I need to stay focused. Why expose all of this? Well… I want to let you all know that whatever you’re dealing with, whatever trial you’re facing, whatever prayer that doesn’t seem to be answered, whatever pressures you’re facing from the left or the right, whatever unnecessary tasks you’ve added to your plate, get quiet, get before God, and He will remove excess that doesn’t need to be there, He will take away the added pressures, the worries, the tension, and give you clear direction and victory so that in the end, by His power… You won’t drop the ball! Have a blessed week!


-1 cup of rolled oats
-1 cup brown rice or spelt flour
-2/3 cup nonfat or low-fat Greek yogurt
-1/3 cup fresh ground peanut butter or almond butter slightly a bathroom temperature
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-2/3 cup raw sugar
-1tbs. Cocoa powder

Cream Cheese Icing
-1 8oz package of low-fat or fat-free cream cheese
-1 cup extra fine raw sugar (I avoid powdered because it has starch in it)
-1tsp vanilla
-3-4 drops of orange food coloring of your choice (optional)

~Cluster Centers~
Mix peanut or almond butter together with sugar, vanilla and cocoa powder until creamy and smooth. In a separate bowl, mix oats and flour of choice. Then, mix all ingredients together. Lay wax paper on a cookie sheet and create little 1& 1/2 inch balls out of dough. When finished, place in fridge for one hour to chill

~Cream Cheese Icing~
Let cream cheese set out unt ill room temp. Mix in sugar, vanilla and food coloring.

Finally, ice each cluster, set on wax paper. Refrigerate for at least another hour (even better if over night) then enjoy!

quick update


Since the recovery week for the 50k, life has been pretty hecktick. The recovery went very smoothly. However, my mentor and I both had to switch from recovery mode to preparation week for another event… the Western Pacific Marathon! Things totally began to go haywire in both of our personal lives. My mom fell and hurt herself at home making her work more difficult. Pressures of finances and worries of how to move forward weighed heavy on her… I began to get worried and wheapy instead of heading to the Word…. while I was out with my mom during her work hours, I picked up the vacuum and brooms and dug in to help her get her work done. The day before the marathon, I was exhausted and ready to just say forget it. However, I did my carb load and headed out the next day determined to finish the task. I had a bad attitude as we drove to the event which it totally unlike me! As we went to get our bib numbers, a fellow runner and church member at hilltop community mentioned that she was originally only going to do the half because it was a really boring course. However, she was going to go ahead and do the full marathon. So, in my mind all I could think is… “at least it’s a Boston qualifier!” As I got to the start line, the idea of doing a boring course really set in. The race stayed of great… I was ahead of my goal pacer at the same time, my attitude toward the event didn’t change.instead of enjoying the course, I anxiously awaited each mile marker. Then, at about mile 6 or7 I thought, “forget this! I’m going to enjoy every moment! I’m going to celebrate every mile mark!” Soon, the joy of the event set in.the course was beautiful and I.learned a lot out there like how to properly grab aid station supplies, properly preaching myself, how to stay focused, and what fuel works best for my body. Even after my pacer past me and I knew I wasn’t going to hit my target time, I decided I was going to give it my all and push through till the end. And… what a glorious end it was! You see, my mom wasn’t able to make it to the event and I want expecting to really see anyone at the finish. However, when I got there, I heard the loudest cheer I’d ever heard at any finish line I’ve ever crossed! It was my God mother, her mother, her sisters, and one of her sister’s husbands. WHAT A BLESSING! So, in this u simply want to say… what ever race it seems you are in in your life, no matter how it appears the course might be, make a choice from the beginning to enjoy, learn, and glean from every moment! Most of all… something I’ve said time and time again is… it’s not about what place you finish in…it’s about the people who you encourage asking the way and those you have that are dear to you to celebrate the finish with. Live, love, learn, laugh, get out there, get healthy and enjoy every moment! Life is not worth living in misery for any reason! God bless! 

Better Late Than Never



Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not jealous; is not proud; is not conceited; does not act foolishly; is not selfish; is not easily provoked to anger; keeps no record of wrongs; takes no pleasure in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth; love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. ~I Corinthians 13:4-7


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and… well here’s an ode to the woman who planted the Jesus seed deep within me at an early age, who has seen me through every up and down, who has suffered as her children have gone astray at various times, who intercedes more often than not for my siblings and me, who has shown an incredible sacrificial love unlike any other I have ever witnessed, and who had been at the finishing for me if not… just a phone call away to tell her I finished safely… here is to my incredible, irreplaceable mom who’s love for my siblings and me surpasses that mentioned in I Corinthians 13:4-7!


*Mother’s Day Berries and Cream French Toast And Turkey Bacon w/ A Side of Citrus Green Tea.



-two jasmine green tea bags

-1 6oz cup water

-4oz oj

-juice from 1/4 lemon

-1to 2 tbs honey


Bring water to a boil, and let cool for two min (green tea burns in boiling water, letting it cool will keep the tea true to flavor). Steep bags for 3-4 min. Pull bags out (do not squeeze out water this will make it bitter. Over steeping will do the same). Mix in honey and place in fridge for one hour then add orange and lemon juice. Serve over ice with lemon and orange twists to garnish! Serve with toast and bacon!



-1/4 small, rectangle package of low-fat cream cheese

-3 tbs non fat milk

-1/2 tsp vanilla

-3 tbs clover honey

-1/3 cup strawberries diced

-1/3 cup blueberries

(You may also use another very selection of your choice)


Let cream cheese sit out until room temp. Mix cram cheese, milk, vanilla, and honey until creamy and set in fridge to thicken. Leave berries in a separate bowl.



-1 free range egg

-1/4 cup milk (1% works best)

-splash of vanilla

-cinnamon to taste

-2 pieces of sprouted grain bread


Heat up skillet and spray w butter flavored cooking spray.Mix eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon together. Dip each piece of bread into Bayer, making sure each side is properly coated. Place on skillet and cook on med heat until golden on each side. Set on a plate w cream cheese typing and berries placed in little side dishes so mom can choose how much to use 🙂



-3 strips of turkey bacon


Cook in skillet until desired consistency and serve with toast!


runnin for Chrsit


This week… I’m delaying my usual post in order to ensure that I’m properly being led by the Holy Spirit. However, I’m staying true to my weekly post by sharing this incredible song by hillsong that has been playing in my head since I heard it for the first time!