Knowing your gifts



“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10

We were all created by God for a purpose. What was that purpose? It was for us to become little images of Him, bringing honor and glory to His name in all that we do. I believe that when God made us, He took different traits of His being and personality and placed them in various ways in mankind. Many of His traits are displayed in spiritual gifts given to each of us. (I Corinthians 12:7-11). We as humans become fulfilled when we recognise those gifts He has given us, cultivate them, allow them to grow properly, and use them in a way that bring honor and glory to His name. So, today, I’ll share some some ideas with you on how to come to recognise your spiritual gifts and also transfer this lesson into the realm of life I personally love to share with others.. getting to know your body in regards to nutrition and exercise so you can nourish yourself and exercise yourself in ways that benefit you and your lifestyle best. I’ll close by hooking you up with a recipe for something delicious to sink your teeth into!
Now, in the body of Christ, we are all given 1 or more Spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 12:7-11). An individual who does not know what his or her gifts are and/or how to cultivate and use them can end up feeling insecure and left living without truly reaching out there God given potential. How do you find and cultivate these gifts? The following is a list of suggestions that will helpfully will help you!
-Get in your prayer closet and ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance.
-Get in the Word and ask the Lord to show you passages that will help you identify your giftings
-Ask the Lord to provide people/mentors to help you point out/recognise various gifts and will help you cultivate and use them in a way that truly ignites pain and purpose in you, thus inspiring others.
-Volunteer!!! Try out different areas of service like childcare, youth ministry, choir, grounds keeping, prayer team, homeless outreach, ext… don’t limit your idea of ministry to the walls of church and generalised ideas of what ministry should be.
-Ask the Holy Spirit to show you giftings you use in everyday life and how you can use them in the lives of your friends, family, and community.

Remember… it’s not how much you get our there and serve, it’s about the quality of service. Ask yourself if you feel peace or strife. Strife is usually a good sign that you’re in the wrong area. Serving without being called/lead by the Spirit to do so can leave you too spread out and drained. When you feel a peace and things flow without tension and strife, you’re more than likely doing the right thing. You may get tired, but not drained and you’ll feel useful. You’ll be using the gifts that God had given you and you’ll be a true blessing to others while living in fulfillment of your purpose and calling.

Now, onto nutrition. Not knowing your body’s neuronal needs is just as bad as not knowing you’re spiritual giftings and needs. It can leave you drained, under or overweight, malnourished. These things can lead to ask sorts of things like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, ect. There are many diets and nutrition programs from low-carb to right carb/ right protein, nutrasystems to Jenny Craig, clean eating to juicing, macrobiotic to “everything in moderation.” The following is a list of ideas on how to find a nutritional program that works best for you:

-Always check with a doctor and/or nutritionist before starting ANY new nutritional program
-Be willing to try new foods
-know your body. If somethin makes you feel tired, drained, groggy, super anxious, unfocused, abnormally irritable… take those as signs that whatever food caused that is something to avoid consuming.
-keep a food/fitness journal. This will help you keep an eye on how many calories you burn, what fuel you put in, and how your body reacts to various foods and exercise. There are various online ones you can do for free =) there are even some for your smart phones like livestrong.
-Get around people who are well balanced in their eating and pick up some tips from them.
-know your sport! Knowing how/& what your physical activity triggers your body to burn will help you in finding the proper foods for optimal performance! (Someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle should avoid eating like someone who bikes or spends a lot of time working a physically demanding job)
-READ, READ, READ! Inform yourself! There are all kinds of books on nutrition and healthy living!
BE CREATIVE and enjoy what you eat! While food IS fuel, you should be able to enjoy it as well!

Now, find your workout! There are many kinds of fitness from yoga, tai chi and pilates to biking, swimming and running to weight lifting.. the list goes on!
Finding the right workout that fits your personaly, lifestyle, interests and motivates you to keep pressing forward with it is very important! Here are some ways to find one (or more) that suits you!
-Always check with your doctor before adding or changing a fitness routine. This will make sure that you are trying out things that work with your level of fitness and will improve your health.
-find out what time of day works for you.. no excuses! If a full-time working woman with a family can find time to train for marathons (ie:my mentor), anyone can learn to take 20 min to an hour at least 3 times a week to improve their fitness, or even add some pushups, walking and ab work somewhere in each day (I’ve made notes on working out and the busy life in a recent blog).
-find out if you like working out at home, at the gym, or outdoors and what works best with your lifestyle!
-try a free gym pass! Many gyms (like 24 hour fitness) offer free passes from 1-10 days that enable you to try out many, if not all, of the various aspects of the gym. This way you can find classes, weights, machines, ect that you may enjoy. This is not something to take advantage of. The passes are to be used strictly for the purpose of funding the RIGHT gym and workout for you’re needs.
-Rent or purchase some at home DVDs, bluerays and/ or equipment. Renting gives you the opportunity to try it before you buy a it. Also, many mail order equipment will allow you a trial period. You don’t like it, you can return it.
-try working out alone, with a friend, and in a group. This will help you bring a little flavor into your routine and keep it lively.
-try working out more than once. Many times people really don’t enjoy working out, so they need to push themselves (not to hard) to get up and active. Eventually, after time, the benefits will pay off, and the joy of it will set in. Like Winston Churchill once said, “never, never, NEVER give up!”

Now, the food!!!
*Sprouted grain individual pizzas with “tomacco” sauce, topped your way!
Now, it seems many people these days have issues with various types of, in this recipe, I use sprouted grain English muffins since sprouted grains are grains that have not been processed so, the gluten is not exposed and red bell pepper instead of tomatoes since some people have tomato allergies. This recipe serves 4.

-4 Ezekiel bread English muffins
-3 red bell peppers
-1/2 to 2/3 cup carrot juice
-1 tsp McCormick Italian seasoning
-olive oil cooking spray
-1/2 tsp sea salt
-1 cup shredded low-fat mozzarella
-Your choice of toppings.
Preheat oven to 400° Take bell peppers, seed them, spray with olive oil set on a cookie sheet and put in oven to roast for 10-15 min or until tender. Take them out and place in a blender, add 1/2 cup of the carrot juice, blend on med speed and build up to a high speed until it becomes a desirable consistency and add more carrot juice if needed. Turn off blender, add Italian seasoning and sea salt and blend on low until thoroughly mixed and set aside. Next, turn oven down to 350° spray a cookie sheet with olive oil, cut the English muffins in halves and place them on the sheet about 1/2 inch apart. Put 2-3 tbs of sauce onto each piece, sprinkle with mozzarella and toppings of your choice, put them in the oven for 10 min (or until baked to your liking), serve and enjoy!

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