Fasting and the Busy Life


Hey y’all here we go again! haha! Na my journey continues as I’m still waiting on God to open the right door for employment while training for/ running races. Pressure building at home as finances have been a consistent struggle… my mom overworked, me helping her with her cleaning business… feeling stretched at all points at times, yet knowing deep inside that God called me to run… and I will run this race, trusting that He will provide every step of the way. That being said… there are seasons in many of our lives where pressure builds and it’s time to take our relationship with Christ to the next level in order to either receive answers or even to just zone in on the Most High… AND since we ARE in Lent season, I thought it would be fitting to discuss fasting and prayer. For those of you who don’t know what Lent is…  it is a season generally focused on by those of Catholic or “Orthadox” Christian faith that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday. During this season, the individual refrains from eating any sort of meat or dairy products and devote themselves to posing a higher level of intimacy with GOD (much like the Daniel Fast). This, in my opinion is a wonderful way for athletes and people who need to maintain proper blood sugar levels throughout their day to fast! Also, many people have busy lives and tend to out a lot so… I’m going to give some tips and ideas on how to pack a quick snack or meal, a few restaurant menu op tons that are Lent and Daniel Fast friendly, a link to a diabetic friendly fasting guide as well as a recipe of my own. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll be informed enough to prayerfully take a fasting journey of your own. That being said… Let the journey begin!
First off, with all fasting, I SERIOUSLY ADVISE that the individual go into it upon total leading of the HOLY Spirit. This season was designed for us to grow in our relationship to our creator and should NEVER be used as a means to lose weight. Second,there are many ways to fast. The season of Lent and the Daniel Fast were just basic examples… you can also
-Do a full on fast, refraining from all food and beverage accept water for a given period of time. (I suggest being extremely prayerful about this and be sure to prepare yourself mentally as well as nutritionally just like an athlete before a major event).
-liquid fast. Refraining from all solid food, drinking only fruit and vegetable juices and water,NO caffeine!
-Daniel fast, individual refrains from all meat, dairy, drinks that are not 100% juice (no choice and tea), sweeteners, ect…
-Lent… nor really a fast but can be used as an example. The individual refrains from all meat and dairy products, are allowed fish on Fridays, and give up one activity for the time of that season.
-single item fast, refraining from a certain food or beverage, or even activity for any given amount of time.
-media fast… absolutely noooo media! No tv, radio, computer, video games, little doodle moments on your cell phone (outside of phone calls) Facebook, Twitter… out can all wait! Believe me, you won’t miss anything to catastrophic 😉 … nada! (One of my favorite ways of fasting)

Below are some links to diabetic friendly fasts as well as restaurants that provide Daniel Fast friendly and Lent appropriate meals

~Diabetic friendly

~Daniel Fast Friendly, and Lent appropriate Dining places

you can pretty much go anywhere you want these days and find a way to order all veggies, however… here are a few restaurants that I suggest simply because… I like them!

-Sweet Tomatoes/ Souplantation

-Hometown Buffet

-Chevy’s (they have vegan black beans and I order their side salad with Santa Fe veggies, black beans and bring my own vegan sprouted grain bread)

these are just a few, however… If you want more suggestions, leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to provide!

Quick snack pack ideas:

-Pack a can of progresso lentil soup and some vegan sprouted grain bread

-A package of rolled oats and a single serve box of unsweetened almond of soy milk

-Dried fruit and nut packages

-Brown Rice with beans

Quinoa (there are microwave packages you can purchase at Costco)

Looks like I covered all of the basis! From the lists above, y’all should have a pretty good platform to get a good lift off! So, I’ll leave you with this…

Roasted butternut squash with brown rice and beans! (serves 2-3)

-1small butternut squash cubed

-1 can Campbell’s tomato soup

-1/2 can h20

-1 Can red kidney beans

-1 Cup brown rice


Preheat oven to 400 degrees, spray cookie sheet and place squash on, spreading evenly. Let roast for 15-30 min or until desired consistency. In a saucepan, bring soup and water to a boil add rice, beans… finally… when  all is heated, salt and pepper to taste, pour over squash and serve!



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