comfort food


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4


In today’s post, I’ll continue with a brief log of my journey along with a recipe for a healthy comfort food meal and ways to keep yourself motivated to grow you spiritually and better you’re physical fitness.

Now, last week… things began to wind down for my God Dad. At the hospital just about every day I was with my God mother… all I could pray was, “Lord, I’m asking for you to do a miracle… at the same time…. I surrender to Your will! Whatever it is…. at least keep him comfortable!” My heart ached as I saw my God Mother, so lovingly dedicated, at his side at just about every waking moment. He began to be a little more alert… and some hope sprang in my spirit. Then, on Tuesday evening, as my God Mother and I were leaving, I felt prompted by the Lord to have her sing “I will run to you” by Hillsong with me to him. As I left the room… so she could say good night, I heard her sweetly say… ” I love you sweetie pie … I love you sweetie pie!” A peace came over me and we headed out to help her mom get into the house and to meet my mom so I could go home. When I got to my house, I prepared for bed… so peaceful… wow…. and something told me to remember the words I told my God Mother… “you can call at any time. No matter what hour.” Just as I finished praying, the phone rang… my God Dad had been taken to ICU…. my mom was sick from overwork at this time… and was reluctant to take me, so I told my God Mom. Then, when I hung up the phone, heard my mom say, “you want me to take you down there?” My heart leaped as I got ready and headed out the door. When I arrived at the hospital, the on duty doctor said he would more than likely make it through the night. She told us we could stay, but we were better off going home, getting some rest, and his doctor would be in, in the morning and would be able to better assess the situation. I wept as mom and I drove home. The next day, I trained, got ready and headed out. When I arrived, my God Dad was gazing half into eternity and half into my God mother’s face. My God Mom had me go over to his side and talk to him. As I opened my mouth, a river of tears poured poured out, and all I can remember saying is, “thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being the only real dad figure I ever had, for encouraging me, for being at my performances and races and for complimenting my stride, and China house visits, and for introducing me to my best friend, and…” The tears just kept pouring. “I promise I’ll take care of her(my God Mom)… I promise!” While the doctor told us it could be hours, days, weeks… something told me to say all I needed to say. Within a matter of hours, a total sense of peace, filled the room. Warmth, as if the entire host of heaven had come to visit filled the room. I sang “we are standing on holy ground.” Then, his sister and brother in law needed to leave due to the emotions they were feeling, my God mom’s mother stayed behind a curtain to keep her from having to see him go through this phase… my mom went down to the car, and…. my God mom’s sister stood by my God mom’s side as she held my God Dad’s hand. I sat on the other side and watched the monitors, praying for a miracle. The room grew warmer with heavenly presence…. so peaceful as my God Dad gazed so lovingly into my God mom’s eyes… and.. As if she knew heaven was trying to take him home, she and her sister began to share stories with him of the things they loved about him. And… then…. my God Mom said… “I love you sweetie pie… it’s ok (she began to weep)… everything’s going to be alright…! I love you sweetie pie!” Then, like someone slowly pulling the blankets off of me in the dead of night, the room slowly grew incredibly cold…. he flat-lined and… his face was drained of the life that once filled it. Still looking so lovingly into my God mom’s face… his spirit was gone. We all wept. Shortly after, my mom came back and the Lord put Psalm 116:15 on her heart


“Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of His saints.”

What more can I say… while I still have no clue how the Lord will provide for me at this time (being that I’m not needed as often to care give for my God mother’s mom)… I have a sense of peace, knowing that, I’m in the perfect will of God. Nothing can replace the moments spent with my God Family. I praise God that He opened the door for me to be there when I was needed the most. honestly…. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Now, in times of morning, people either push God away, or… we draw closer to HIM. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8… in times of sorrow…. cry out to God and tell him how you feel. He desires for us to call out to Him, for comfort. Even if you don’t know Christ yet, times of trial… are a perfect time to ask Him into your heart. John 3:16-17 says that God loved us all so much that He sent His son into the world, not to condemn us, but so that if we choose to believe in Him, He could give us eternal life.. what have you got to lose? 

As far as being physically active… fitness is proven to positively effect the brain… endorphins will help you remain positive. Set a goal to walk, run, go to the gym, ect for a set amount of time. Make sure it’s a light goal to keep you free of added stress… Now… for food. In times of mourning comes… comfort food!!!! The following is a recipe for healthy comfort food that will fulfill your craving, but won’t leave you feeling guilty.


~Baked “fried chicken (or turkey)” with mashed potatoes and greens.


*Chicken (or turkey)

-4 free range boneless/ skinless chicken breasts (or two dressage boneless/ skinless turkey breasts cut in half

-1 free range egg & 1 white

-1/2cup h2o

-1/2 cup oat flour

-1/2 cup Brown rice flower

-1tsp basil

-2tsp fine sea salt

-1tsp garlic powder

-1tsp lemon pepper

-olive oil cooking spray



Preheat oven to 375°. Mix egg, egg white and water together and set aside. Mix flour and spices together and place in a Ziploc bag. Dip each breast piece in the egg mixture then put in Ziploc, seal, and shake until pieces are completely covered. Spray baking sheet with olive oil spray, place chicken on sheet, cover with foil, bake for 30 min, uncover and bake for another 10-15 min ir until chicken is white all the way through.



-2 cups fresh, washed spinach

-2 cups fresh, washed kale

-1clove garlic

-sea salt (use your best judgment).



Steam spinach and kale. Mince garlic and mix in, toss in some sea salt to taste and… set asside


*Mashed potatoes

-2 russet potatoes

-1/2 head of cauliflower

-1/2 cup non fat Greek yogurt

-1/2 cup chives

-1&1/2 tbs basil

-sea salt to taste

-pepper to taste



Wash and peel potatoes, steam potatoes and cauliflower untill tender/slightly mushy, drain out water, out in mixing bowl, mash, add yogurt, use electric mixer and whip it up! When they are light and fluffy, slowly add chives and seasonings.


Serve each item up and… you’ve got healthy comfort food! You can also treat yourself to some low fat rocky road or Image.low fat/ fat free froyo! 

Have a blessed . Week!


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