why worry? Get creative!



Matthew 6:25-26 NKJV


“Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”


Over the past few weeks, with the visits to my God Dad at the hospital, care giving (my God mother’s mom), church, training, and racing, all while relying on others and public transportation to get to and from places… I had no time for real grocery shopping let alone energy for weekly food prep. While I WAS able to make a few healthy meals to take to the hospital and share, I was put into a position that blessed me with an opportunity to get creative with what was available to me. Normally, I like to plan my meals and make things ahead of time if I know I won’t be at home much. However, with being at the hospital 5-12 hours a day and running errands w my God mother… well…. there just was no time. So, eating at the hospital, getting treated to fabulous lunches at restaurants, and grabbing a quick bite from a local convenient store our grocery store became my options. Some might look at this as a disadvantage, however… for me…. it was a blessing in disguise! You see, in meal planning, it’s easy to get caught in a routine and a nutritional rut. You can end up eating a lot of the same things over and over which leaves the body needing other sorts of nutrients. Being that I try to avoid taking to many supplements to ensure I get my nourishment from my food… this can become a hazard. So, in the bitter-sweet time I spent at the hospital over the past six weeks, I learned how to truly trust God to provide the the nourishment I needed from places He saw fit! Thus, leading to the topic off this blog… why worry? Get creative! For the most part, my God mother, her mother and I either went out to a restaurant or ate at the hospital. So, I’ll start by sharing tips on eating healthy in a hospital! The tips shared here can also be used if out on a buisness trip or vacationing… Again… get creative!

1.) Vending machines usually carry nuts, yogurts, sandwiches, water, and electrolyte beverages… Stick with those, and you be on the right track!

2.) Cafeteria usually has some sort of veggies, fruits, eggs, healthy cereal, salad bar (@least, doctors medical had one), ext… be sure to ask the cooks if they have steamed veggies and lean meats, sick with those options along with tea and fruit juice and you’ll be good to go!


Now, on to restaurants…

Most restaurants (including McDonald’s) have healthy selections So…

1.) Scan over the menu to see if they have good, healthy sandwiches and/or salads.. Mabey even a small fruit salad or yogurt parfait.

2.) Instead of dressing for salad, ask for lemon slices and squeeze them over your greens

3.) Ask if they carry brown rice

4.) Ask for steamed veggies and meat (ie: fish) with no added sauces, salt, ext…

5.) Stick with juice, water, tea… ext


Convenient stores…

1.) Usually carry nuts, yogurts, trail mix, granola bars, milk, oatmeal, ect… grab carb + protein for a quick, healthy on the go snack or meal

2.) Again… Stick with fruit juice, tea, water, electrolyte beverages and you’re good to go!


Grocery store

1.) Grab a small box of lettuce, some pre-diced veggies, cottage cheese, flip top can of tuna, or a can of beans (I keep a can opener in my backpack), hard boiled eggs (trader joes sells bags of them), dried fruit, and some dry roasted nuts along with a plastic fork… grab a lemon and squeeze over the top…. you have a nice, protein loaded salad.

2.) Grab oatmeal, some milk, have some oatmeal for dinner (most hospitals and hotels have microwaves)

3.) Grab Canned tuna with a flip top, Greek yogurt and crackers of your choice. Mix the tuna with 1/4 individual serving container of yogurt (save the rest for a snack later in the day) and you have one of my favorites… tuna salad and crackers.

3.) Grab an odawalla bar and a yogurt for a quick.”pick me up”

4.) Grab canned veggies with flip tops to keep on you

5.) Believe it or not… baby food! This is an old body builder trick! Keep jars of lean meats and veggies in your car and/or bag in case meal time comes and you just can’t slip away.

6.) Eggs… if you have several people with you, you can grab a 1/2 doz box to share…. the hospital might actually be kind enough to place them in a fridge (until you finish your visit) I found out, you can actually make a microwaved (something that is last resort for me) scrambled egg by placing it in a cup and microwaving it for a min (make sure to check on it and stir every few seconds)


Now, onto working out… keep an extra pair of gym/ running shoes with you. You can take a 15min- hour long walk or jog just about anywhere. If your not in a safe area, walk around the hospital or hotel (some hotels have gyms)

2.) Take a few minutes to yourself and go into the restroom… lay hand towels on the floor, Do some pushups, ab work, ext .


Now last, but MOST IMPORTANT!!! Get your spirit fed!

1.) Hospitals have a chapel… go, get quiet… pray, read… 

2.) Meditate on the word while out and about… pray and talk to Him wherever you are. God is everywhere, don’t keep Him in the chapel box. Even if you need to go to the restroom and hide out for a moment. Do so!

3.) Most hospitals and hotels have bibles handy… Grab one up and, get your soul fed

4.) Be willing to reach out and minister to others. It’s one thing to feed your spirit, but quite another to help another find the right path. In doing so, I often find the Lord also reveals new insights to me.


With all this being said… I will leave you with this…. life is a journey often filled with unexpected turns. Go with the flow of the Spirit of God, ask Him how to keep a healthy, well balanced life style throughout all seasons… and just watch… you’ll truly begin to enjoy the ride! Be worry free, peaceful, and flexible, and God will do great things!


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