Triumph in Tragedy


As promised, I’ll continue to share my journey along with blogs about faith, fitness, and food… so today, I’ll share an update with y’all about my journey. I left off (in my last update) working for my best friend (God Mom) and her family as a caretaker for my best friend’s mom while my God Dad (my best friend’s husband) is in the hospital. There was talk about her mother possibly going into a home which would mean I would no longer be working for them. However, the Lord made it possible for her mom to stay home and… I still have the joy of working with them! With my God Dad’s health worsening… we continuously pray for a miracle. Weather or not I’m on shift, my heart desires to be around the family as often as possible… his kidneys have shut down, the fluid builds up in his frail body… doctors say there’s only days left. I weep as I watch my God Mom endure so much pain. 35 years of faithful marriage all truly comes to “till death do us part.” All of my soul believes for and begs the Lord for a healing miracle for him… just one more lunch as a family, just one more of his incredible stories… Lord… PLEASE! Along with this, there’s home life. My poor mom busts her butt day in and day out just trying to make ends meet… so hard she has gotten sick at times. Meanwhile, we try to enjoy every moment we have with my beautiful sister and nephew. These moments with my loved ones mean more than I could ever express! My nephew gets bigger by the day. He’s matured rapidly…. such a little love! The times I share with my mom, sister, and nephew watching movies at home, visiting my God Dad,and running errands are irriplaceable! Then, there’s races… I mentioned in my last update that only God knew when my best Gid mom and I would race again… well, since then, the Lord opened the door for me to run a10k on the 18th of January, and the following weekend… I ran my first half marathon in over a year! Both races were done with my God Mom and both had brilliant outcomes!!!! Praise God! So, I consider this triumph in the midst of tragedy. Again… I continue to train in faith and allow God to open the doors. With some major goals in mind… I prayerfully take each step. With my future still uncertain, the only thing that remains clear to me is… I pray that my life is a life that gives a true aroma that is pleasing to the Lord, that my loved ones never go a day without knowing how much they truly mean to me, and that those who see my life from the outside witness the power of God move in mighty ways. In closing, I will say that… no matter what you’re dealing with, know that God it’s there, He sees you and will meet you wherever your at and help carry you through! Call out to Him, and her He will draw near! GOD BLESS & do know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His great purpose! (Romans 8:28)


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