moving on moving forward


Picking Up Where I Left Off


As I continue with this blog, along with tips for healthy living, I’ll continue to log my journey through seemingly impossible circumstances in which God has continued to miraculously move! In my last update, I was leaving a house sit in my favorite little town of El Sobrante to return home to Crockett to face the possibility of being evicted due to financial difficulties (please refer to my first couple of blogs to get a better idea). Well, all I can say is… nothing feels better than waking up to your own home with your own cat, chilling at the foot of your bed… hmmm home sweet home. While I long to move back to El Sobrante, I am beyond grateful for the home (with an ocean view) that I currently live in! My mom and I went through a local homeless prevention program that approved us for one month of covered rent! Praise God!!! As far as provision… I received a call last week that was bitter sweet. My best friend called me to tell me that her husband is in the hospital and needed me to help with her mom. So, for the past week and a half, I’ve been at the hospital with the family, helping with her mom, and getting paid to hang out with my best friend… umm dream come true! However, as of the end of this week… there’s a possibility that her mother will be placed in a home so that she can get the medical attention she needs and so my best friend and her family can work and try to maintain things while her husband is in the hospital. Now, the topic of her husband… well…. the man that I call my God Dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He recently had to be hospitalised, as I already mentioned… and…. well… they have moved him to a facility to help him do rehabilitation and hopefully return home to spend time in comfort and enjoy his family. The doctors say there’s not more they can do, however,I serve a MIGHTY God Who is capable of anything! At the same time… I’m surrendering to His will in every aspect of my life. If I had it my way… My Gid dad would be in TOP health and all of us would be back out on our adventures! Good times full of prayer, training, eating at China House, running races, telling people of the goodness of God… surrender. Not my will, but Your’s be done Lord… even here, I will tell of His goodness because He’s brought me this far… no matter what comes, He’ll bring me through again! How long I’ll have with my dear God Dad… only God knows! When will my best friend and I race again… only God knows…. how will I make a living? Again… only God knows! The only thing I know for certain is it’s God’s way or none at all. The only prayer I have is that the Lord opens doors He wants opened so wide that I HAVE to walk through them and shuts the ones He wants shut so tight that I CAN’T open them. In the midst of all of this… one thing has been so clear to me… having the big, beautiful house of my dreams on a hill with the breathtaking view of city and ocean, having a car, living in a plush lifestyle all mean nothing in comparison to spending time with those who mean the most to me. These times spent with my best friend, Gid Dad and their mother… times full of tears, gingerbread houses, prayer, laughter, hospital rooms and sentiment…. the moments I spent at home with my mom, sister and nephew full of laughter, stress (haha… finding peace in the midst of it), trusting God daily for our needs… the opportunities I’ve had in these moments to reach out and minister life to someone in need… no earthly riches can compare. I have to say… I’m more richly blessed than one who has those material things. In closing,I will say… draw near to the Lord! Let Him pour out His love on you, and let Him love others through you.if you have a moment to spend with people you love… GRAB IT AND DON’T LET IT GO! 


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