Revelations in turkey… gobble gobble… even after the HOLYdays


This post was written yesterday, I wasn’t able to post it until today so… that being said…


Here I am , just back from a month long house sit, and about to shift into a 5 day house sit… =0) today, I wanted to share something light hearted with y’all! A few weeks back, I received a coupon from my church for a free turkey from Safeway. Now, I wanted to get it right away and have it for Christmas dinner. However, when my mother and I went to go get it, they were completely out.. it’s funny too because I was really insistent about us going as a family (I really wanted my sister and nephew to be there as well). However, God had another plan! When my mom originally received the coupon for me in the mail, she thought it was for a completely FREE turkey. When I looked it over while at the store, I realized that it was free up to $10 which meant I would have to pay the difference. I figured… I like turkey so much, I was willing to pay the difference. However, I was doing a house sit, and did not have a vehicle to get back to the store when they were in stock and my mom (who had just gotten her car) needed to be at work to make up for the time lost while without a vehicle and had no time to go get it either, so my sister offered to bring over the one she had received from the organization that has been helping her out. I was grateful, however… I was still bummed that I wasn’t going to get MYYYY turkey (both my mom and sister had gotten free ones, like a little kid… I just wanted one too). My mom promised to get it after Christmas and the thought crossed my mind that they might be on sale after the holidays meaning, I would only have to pay just a little over what the coupon had taken off. Christmas came and went as I explained in my last blog… and we had an amazing dinner! I kept telling God how thankful I was for the turkey (plenty left over… some in the freezer… hmmm diiiinnnner)! After all… it IS probably one of my top 3 favorite foods! GETTING TO THE POINT… after Christmas passed, I had forgotten that we even had the coupon until yesterday (the 30). It expires today (the 31)… Mom and I headed out to my doctor’s appointment after an already busy day, and… mom reminded me that we still had it and could pick up my bird while out and about! I just had a sense of peace… I didn’t stress too much about which Safeway to, and I remembered that there was a Safeway in the rout to and from my doctor’s office. As we left my appointment I said, “mom, safeway is on the way home… can we stop there?” she agreed andwe were on our way. We went inside and started looking for turkeys. Most of them were about $17- $20. THis meant I would have to pay the $7-$10 difference. I honestly didn’t have more than $2, so my mom (who didn’t have much money either) agreed to pay the $7.50 difference, and we headed to the register. The cashier was incredibly nice! (Safeway, Concord by Jamba Juice! EXCELLENT SERVICE!) Mom handed him her Safeway card and my coupon. As he rung up the turkey, he ran her card through and the price dropped to 9.98. We were confused and thought he had put the coupon through, so we mom was getting ready to pay $9.98 ( which was more than we anticipated), and suddenly… he said, “WAIT… =)….” then… with a huge smile on his face… ran the coupon though… THE TURKEY WAS FREEEEEE!!!! Apparently, the thought that had crossed my mind (when I originally agreed to wait to get MYYYY turkey) about it possibly being on sale after the holidays just turned out to be true! When the Safeway card went in, it took off nearly half the price! With the coupon, we walked away with just want I wanted… a FREE bird! SOOOO… this is a testimony of how PERFECT God’s timing is. Had I tried to get the bird when I wanted it, I would have had to pay a price that I wasn’t prepared to pay let alone, really afford. So, if there is something that GOd has promised you and (for whatever reason) He has told you to wait… Keep a good, positive attitude, continue to be grateful for what you DO have ’cause that perfect timing is coming when He will be ready to give you that blessing (usually when He sees you’ve matured enough) WITH NO COST! If you push for your timing, you may have to pay a price that you weren’t ready to pay! GOD BLESS!


One thought on “Revelations in turkey… gobble gobble… even after the HOLYdays

  1. Renae Holland

    A person’s journey with God does not mean the pathway is always strewn with rose petals, but it does always mean amazing outcomes. That is, IF the person STAYS the path–“His footsteps are my pathway” as the Bible says in Job 23:11 and refers to in a bunch of other places in Psalms, etc. The alternate path is never good and always is destructive and leads to death. Like Jamie, I’ve learned that His promises come true in His timing. God doesn’t tend to tell His plans ahead of time so that means I have to walk that pathway in faith which pleases Him. Then, when things finally break through, it is so awesome what He does! So much better than I ever dreamed! He does it that way every single time and I’ve seen it over and over and over again for 46 years!! I got saved when I was ten so now you know!!

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